Simple Question, No Answer - Why Was Gary Schultz Involved?

There has been vigorous debate on whether Gary Schultz was seen as an extension of the police on these boards and throughout the nation. It is obvious that Gary Schultz was not a police officer. Anyone that tries to argue that he was is wrong. He was the senior vice president for finance and business/treasurer; a job that also included overseeing the police department.

However, there is a question as what he was viewed as and more importantly:

Why was he brought in at all?


Why is this important?

Because this determines without a doubt whether Joe Paterno reached the bar for his moral obligation.

Besides what we do know about Gary Schultz and his job, and undoubtedly more important to know is, what did Joe see Schultz as? Has Schultz been known in the past to handle police questions posed by Paterno or any other member of Penn State? Was he seen by any as a member of the police force (rightfully or not)?

Yes. He was.

Mike McQueary:

"I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you," he said. "In my mind it was like speaking to a (district attorney). It was someone who police reported to and would know what to do with it."

Thomas Harmon, who was the Chief of Police at the time of the incident, claims he reported regularly to Schultz and had weekly meetings with him and notify Schultz about investigations in the police department.

Joe Paterno requested Schultz himself.


Is it because Schultz was in a car pool with Curley and didnt want to disrupt it? Was he out with Curley for breakfast that morning and didnt want him to feel left out?

Seriously, for what reason does the senior vice president for finance and business/treasurer get invited to this meeting, and why is he at a later meeting with Mike McQueary? Unless he is posing as an authority figure that (rightly so or not) is being seen as a branch of the police department.

And if you're Gary Schultz, why on God's green earth do you want to be involved with this situation? Unless he also even sees himself as an extention of the police department.

This issue has nothing to do with finance, buisness or the treasury. If he isnt involved as a member of the police department please explain to me why he is there at all.

I have deleted the poll because I believe that it has been tampered with. I knew a poll was a bad idea because it is never used for what it is intended for, which is a jumping point to spark conversation.

If you believe that Joe brought in Schultz to attempt a cover up... please explain why. The point of this post is conversation. Not to manipulate the vote with tampering or hide behind a click and run.

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