Stop Thinking About it, Just Drink

So here we are... December 21st. A day where Penn State actually got some positive press in light of JoePa's birthday, the cards, and the players signed letter which Lydell Mitchell received some national media coverage and represented Penn State very well in my opinion (inspite of a few questions which I thought to be dick'ish). So today has caused me to reflect a little on where the we're headed and why.

So the more I thought about things and tried to compartmentalize them the more I became frustrated mainly because...

I can't help but feel like the world is going to use Penn State (a university with a clean record since the NCAA has kept keeping score) to set some sort of an example for some reason. And for what? It may be to my fault, but I try and separate the events of, Jerr... I mean, he who shall not be named into seperate groupings (such as; those that involved JoePa and the current football program, those that involved the 2nd mile, and those that involved JS himself). And this is where I broke down. So, Penn State (the university, the alumni, the football program, the fanbase, and those otherwise with connections to the school) is on trial for its life and for what? Can we seggregate this situation? Really what we're talking about here is the 2002 incident wouldn't you agree? Not the 98 shower which was investigated, not the 2008 2nd mile incident, not the 2004 janitor, none of those. I mean 99% of every media sound bit, blogs on this site, and in the workplace has been focused on Mike McQuery, JoePa, and the 2002 incident. So let me get this straight, 2 university administrators are on trial for lying about knowledge of a potential crime that no one has admitted to physically seeing, a proud university has had its name drug through the mud, JoePa's 46 years of dedication wiped out/legacy trashed/to some guilty of child absue/name removed from championship trophey in embarrassing fashion, The ex-FBI director is investigating, The B10 is investigating, The NCAA (typically an athletics association, but whatever) investigating, donated millions of dollars towards prevention (resulting in no relief in media publication bashings) recruits are turning their backs, and a student body/alumni/fans are left to just deal with it. I'm sure I missed something, but you get the picture. All this for a potential shower incident which;

  • Had no eye witness
  • The closest to an eye witness had 6 seconds of information and 9 years of thought before having to tell a jury what he said and saw
  • Has presented no victim
  • I bet Mike McQuery couldn't pick the kid out in a lineup
  • Is largely comprised of a war of words (he said.... and he said....)
  • Claims that there was some sort of cover up by the entire university except there hasn't really been any real motives that have stuck as to why they would care so much to protect someone that wasn't even employed with their institution.

Did I mis-interpret anything yet? I'm sure you'll help me out with that. Well, at this point I decided I'll just stop thinking and go by the wine shop on my way home to my DC utilitarian hubble, pick up a handle of the finest single malt scotch and begin looking for clues inside the bottle on how this makes sense to some people. I may never find the clues I'm looking for, but damn this stuff goes down so smooth. In a little while, I won't care.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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