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Hello BSDers!

A few of my friends and family members who are PSU grads have recently begun discussing the actions needed to place a name on the ballot this January for the BoT vote. I know that some members have expressed their desires to see a change at the top, and so I wanted to post an email that my father and I have sent out to our friends and family that have PSU ties in case anyone else was interested.

I know the rules here at BSD regarding political/religious talk being frowned upon, so I truly am not looking to start an argument or push my views of the BoT on anyone at this site. I just know that I really enjoy the opinions of the people here and thought it was the best place to spread this message. If you disagree, by all means let me know in the comments and thanks for taking the time to read what we are working on. Also, the following message goes out to all Penn Staters, if you want to help or join the race, you have my vote! We Are!

Letter after the jump.

Dear Nittany Nation,

We Are!!!

I know that this email might seem like spam or some worthless chain letter, but please do me a favor and read the following. I have spoken with some of you guys about the recent events surrounding our beloved university, but I'm not here to hash out the details of the past two months. I'm here about how we as alumni are responding to this tragedy. I think that one thing most Penn Staters can agree on is that the Board of Trustees has mishandled this debacle from the start. The prolonged silence; the lack of an investigation after promising to wait for one; the supposed 'cleaning of house' while they appoint men like Ericson and Joyner, who have been staples in the admin of PSU for years; firing a legendary coach not once, but TWICE because they couldn't do it correctly the first time; or the mishandling of the PSU image, alumni, and head coach search that is overlooking the best representative PSU has had for the last month, Tom Bradley.

If you agree with any of the above points I have made, I implore you to consider voting for the BoT this January when the Alumni Association sends out the ballots. Some alums have been quick to make promises to themselves about never returning to Beaver Stadium or holding back money from the Alumni Association or scholarships in general. Do not punish the students that work hard in our athletic programs or the students that need money to enjoy the greatest institution any of us has ever known (and in fact, donate directly to your college, PSU hates when money is earmarked for a specific use!). We can't change the actions of a few over a decade ago, but we can take this time to punish the people that have really brought a black eye to our university. Let's show them that We Are...proud to be Penn Staters, We Are...passionate about how our university is run, We Are...people that can truly make a difference (just look at what alums have already done for groups like RAINN), and that We Are...Penn State.

BSD-We have a candidate in mind, please email me through the website for his information, etc.

Lastly, thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on the issue and hearing me out. If you are a member of the Alumni Association, please take this vote seriously this January. If you are not a member, I'm sure there is a lovely associate waiting to take your money! Also, please feel free to forward my words to other family, friends, and PSU grads to continue this grass roots movement. I will also be imploring the help of some "celebrity grads" who have supported PSU the last few months and if you would like to hop on that email train, let me know. Once again, thanks, and let's show the BoT that we take the following words to heart: "May no act of OURS bring shame."

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