Five Interviews???

Yesterday, many tracked three private planes that were supposedly headed towards Penn State or the apparent location of the "Search Committee."

The first was a direct flight from Miami registered to a company called "ExecJets" from (believe it or not) Columbus, OH. There's no way to verify who was on that plane, however, the plane is scheduled to leave State College today at 1:00pm headed for Boston. There are no flights scheduled to Miami from State College. Bear in mind, when Penn State hired Pat Chambers, the company that owned the plane that brought him from Boston to State College was owned by ExecJets.

The second flight we tracked was a flight from Nashville to Teterboro Airport, the same airport where both Penn State's private planes were located. That flight arrived at 11:27am yesterday and there were several flights from Teterboro to Penn State after that flight arrived. In addition, there are three private flights from Teterboro direct to Nashville between today and yesterday. One is owned by ExecJets.

Finally, the third plane originated from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Unfortunately, that plane never made it to State College. It delayed its departure until this morning, stopped in Altoona and continued on its way to Allentown.

However, there were two private planes that DID land in State College that are worth mentioning. First, a private jet originated from Chicago and went direct to State College. The plane is registered to a company owned by the Shaner family. It arrived at 7pm last evening. The second jet, also registered to a company owned by the Shaner family, originated in Houston, also flew direct, and landed in State College at 9:45pm.

So, while we can't be sure that Al Golden, Kevin Sumlin, Pat Fitzgerald or Mike Munchak were on those planes, it certainly is interesting that these flights were all high-end planes, owned by companies with connections to Penn State, and landed in places we know the Search Committee either is or will be. Interesting indeed.


Since there is an ExecJet flight currently en route to Boston from State College, I wondered if there was a flight from Boston to either State College or Teterboro. There was, in fact, an ExecJet flight direct from Boston's Logan Airport to Teterboro airport arriving at 5:30pm yesterday afternoon. Now, the flight did not arrive until both the Penn State plane (N77CV) and another Gulfstream (hey, it's a Gulfstream) registered to Meridian Air Charters had already left for State College. This Gulfstream flew back to Teterboro yesterday at 11:30pm and has not moved since. However, a third plane registered to a company owned by the Shaner family, left State College this morning, landed in Teterboro, turned around and flew right back to State College all between the hours of 9am and 11am this morning.


While we cannot really know who was on the plane that left Houston last night, we know that it WAS NOT Kevin Sumlin. Numerous sources on Twitter report that Coach Sumlin held a team meeting last night at approximately 7pm. The flight from Houston to State College left at 5:39pm.

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