Who has higher standards? The SEC or PSU?

The SEC oversigns on recruiting day, counting on losing a considerable percentage of their players during the course of the next few years. They are receiving considerable criticism for this practice. For Example, OSU and PSU averaged about 20 signees per year for the last 10 years, while Auburn averaged 28 during this time, and most of the SEC averages over 25 signees per year. Is this good or bad?

First, let me say that I was never a student-atlete. But I am a PSU Alum, and it was not easy to matriculate on down the field and get out of there unscathed.

Second,in my first major group encounter for the incoming class in the 1960's at PSU at REC Hall, the first thing Eric Walker, then president, said was.....

"Look to your left, then look to your right. In four years, for whatever reason, both of them will no longer be here!" PSU, in the 1960's expected 50% of their incoming class of freshmen to not make it to graduation. It was a tough row to hoe, and only the best got through to graduation.

Now, I know that PSU is supposed to be a special place, but it seems to me that Auburn, signing an average of 28 "students per year" is accounting for attrition that can be accounted to every reason that the rest of the student population is exposed to, including being homesick, lazy, bored, criminal, dis-interested, or whatever.

Furthermore, it looks like nothing has changed. Recent fanposts about past recruiting classes show that almost half of the signees do not end up with starting roles. Back in the 1960's, PSU planned on 'students' moving on if 'things' don't work out. It sounds rough, but that's what natural selection is all about. That's why they give you grades.

So, I guess I am asking the question as to why PSU only signs an average of 20 student-athletes per year with the 85 scholarship limit, when most of the SEC is signing over 25 per year?

Back in the day, they told us up front, that half of us would not make the grade. I do not know if the standards have changed, but I assume that it might be tougher these days.

So, who has higher standards, PSU or the SEC??

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