PSU Wrestling National Championships Session 1 Open Thread


Full .pdf brackets, showing all weights in one file / one long vertically scrolling window:

Penn State Wrestling Club's awesome Live Brackets (separate brackets for Championship & Consi, for each weight), Live Team Scoring and (new this week) Live Points Per Individual:


We're 15minutes past the first whistle of Session 1 in Philadelphia.  There's plenty of threading planned for the front page for the hoopsters and we welcome Penn State fans to chime in on any and all of them.  For on This Day.  We Thread.  And Drink.  And Cheer.  And do whatever makes us the best at being fans of our beloved teams and players and athletes.  This one here will focus most on the rasslin, and our inside source at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia (ok, it's BSD's own QBSneak) tells us the arena there is already off the damn chain.  Penn State fans, as you might guess, travel really well when the destination is Philly and the menu is a National Title-Contending team of highly-ranked wrestlers.  Keep us posted from the inside please, Joe!

A quick review of this morning's action and stakes (Session 2 starts tonight at 6:30p, also on

Session 1 (Thur-11AM);
- Championship Pigtail (Only 1 match per weight); Adv Pts (1), Bonus (2), Plc (0)
- Championship Round of 32: Adv Pts (1), Bonus (2), Plc (0)

Not much to be gained on the team scoreboard, but sure is a lot to be lost.  The very first loss by any individual immediately removes a potential 6 team points because that wrestler will NOT be earning first place (16 Plc pts) or second place (12 Plc pts).  The best they can then do is place third (10 Plc pts), but guess what? They just made it wickedly harder on themselves, as the rest of their path to third will take place in the brutal consolation brackets where, say many National Tournament veterans, team championships are won or lost. I'm currently blocked from uploading my charts, but first round is easy to describe about our four contenders: PSU, Cornell, Iowa & OSU (the good one; not the slimy, smarmy, fluent out of both sides of their mouths, shammy fraud of a program full of cheaters, pretenders and users of faux dignity to mask a lack of real integrity).

Penn State has holes at 165 and 197 and will score no points there the entire tournament. They also do not have any pigtail matches this morning.  Neither does Cornell, but their hole is at HWT.  As such, Penn State can score 8 Adv pts and 16 Bonus pts (remember, this is the ludicrous upside of possible--we certainly do not expect any team to win all of their first round matches by pin) in this session, while Cornell can score 9 Adv pts and 18 Bonus pts.  Iowa, on the other hand has their one hole at 149, but they also have two of the ten pigtail matches, so can score more. They could earn 11 Adv pts and possibly 22 Bonus. Oklahoma State has no holes (they qualified all ten wrestlers) and no pigtails, so they can score 10 Adv pts and 20 Bonus.  Other than the lost opportunity at Placement points mentioned above, no Plc pts are at stake and none will be credited to any team in this Session.

Roar Lions, Roar!

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