Wrestling Nationals Update after round 1

The morning session went well for the Blue and White.  After Round 1, PSU is in 1st place with 20 team points followed by Iowa (18), Cornell (16.5), Wiscy (15) and a fifth place tie for Ok St and Minnesota (14).  Overall a great showing for the Big Ten with 4 teams in the top 5.  Below is an update to the preview provided by psuwresfan and jtothep.


Pataky goes smacky, losing to 12 seed Jarrod Garnett of the uber elite VaTech and relegated to the long road of the losers consolotion bracket.  Per jtot's "who do we root for:" Robles, Precin and Perrelli all advance.  Iowa's McD  wins by fall for the big bonus points.  In the next seed, Perrelli of Cornell faces 6 seed Bedelyon of Kent State.


Long advances 8-1 of the Irish Mexican from Northern Colorado.  Ramos advances, but no bonus pts. Grey advances and the top 2 seeds, Oliver and Hochstrasser each win by fall. In the next round, Long gets Minny's Thorn and Grey gets VaTech's Carter in the 8v9 match.


6 seed Alton gets our first bonus points of the day with a fall over Anwar Goeres of the fighting Kornheisers.  Next up is Mariacher from American.  Cornell loses in the pigtail. No points for you! Kennedy, Marion, Russell and Thorn all advance.  Penn's Zack Kemmerer (any relation to Jake) can help us by upsetting Marion. 


Frank the Tank's shut out streak continues through the post season with a 9-0 MD over Cibula.  Next victim is Valenti from UVa.  Dake and Caldwell win by MDs.  No hawkeyes at this weight.


Taylor does not disappoint and he gets the 13-2 MD taken out Ok St. Erisman.  (Ok St. proving the axiom that you can't win the tournament in the first round but you can lose it.)  Next up for the Magic Man is Bonin from Iowa St.

Hall, Fittery, DSJ and Bubba all advance. Looking ahead, Fittery and Taylor would meet in the semi's and the scoreboard should light up like a pinball machine.  In the top of the bracket Hall looks Molinaro strong and unless Bubba can pull of the upset the final of Hall vs. Taylor or Fittery will be a big contrast in style.  As I said in the open thread this morning, Taylor should have learned some things going against Molinaro in the wrestling room and that should help him against Hall.  As for the team race, Cornell's Meagher lost to Hall so points will be tough to come by for the Big Red.


We've got nothing here.  Janssen let's down his pig lovin' Iowa fans in an upset by Hokie Yates.  Bailey does the same for the Cowboys vs. Hofstra's Gillespie.  Kerber from Cornell advances to face Winston from Rutgers.  Root for Scarlet over Red in the next round.


Unbeknownst to ESPN3, Ed Ruth is good.  Easy Ed shows no respect for Liberty or Royalty.  It took him 24 seconds to get the pin. Little Lofthouse and Lewnes advance.  Root for MD's Letts against the hawkeye this evening and Purdue of Ohio against Lewnes. Overall, it looks like Ruth is on a collision course with Reader of Iowa St. for an epic final. 


Q!Q!Q!Q!Q!  The big comeback marches on, 7-4 over Fausey.  Wright took the action to him early but Fausey held on to keep Q from getting bonus points.  Next up is Steinhaus from Minnesota.  Gambrall advances to face 5 seed LeBlanc from Wyoming and Bosak wins by TF for an easy match against unseeded Meredith of ASU.


Cornell, Iowa and Ok State all advance here. The pigment deficiant Lofthouse gets Giesen from Stanford this evening, as jtothep put it "Go Tree".  Foster gets Kennedy from Lehigh, go Engineer, or whatever it is they call themselves these days.  The entires state of Nebraska couldn't beat Simaz in the top of the bracket.


Wade finds some offense and andvances 9-2 to meet Nelson from Minnesota.  Rasing advances as well


Enjoy the evening matches.

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