Anyways, back to Ohio State

Okay, I know football is important to most of you, for some it's an obsession, and for a few it's your life (or in my opinion, a non-life), but reading this really gets my goat.

The Gee's Speech

Let me set it up for you: you're either a graduating student or a parent of a graduating student, and the graduation ceremony is a big f%^&%-ing deal since a lot of hard work and hard-earned money was spent trying to become a better person going into a challenging, well-deserved career, which could be your dream, true aspirations, whatever, and up comes the university President and guess what?  

He's talking about the freaking football scandal.  He's talking to YOU about the football scandal.

Now again, I understand football is important...okay...but if I'm the one in the spotlight ready to go out in the real world, or my son/daughter/bastard child is going into the real world, I don't want to hear about any g*d**n football scandal, or football for that matter.  Because really, Mr. Gee, you just cheapened your university brand and set the achievement of those 9,000 undergraduate students to the way side.

I mean, this sets a whole new definition to the term "football school", because right now, Ohio State might as well be called  Cincinnati Bengals University or Cleveland Browns State Vocational Institute Satellite Campus. ( I was going to say Baltimore Ravens University because it sounded more ghettoish and dirty but I figured some jackass will tell me that Baltimore is in the state of Maryland, not Ohio - duh)

Seriously E. Gordon Gee, make like Eazy E and leave this planet pronto because you are just effing acid not only to college football but to a university.  SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

And oh, what happened during the speech?  

"The crowd roared and tooted horns."

Yeah, you're surrounded by so-called college graduates or parents of graduates who are dumber than a squirrel with down-syndrome.  Fortunately, you can currently blame unemployment on the economy and not your Crayon Water Colors degree in Football Crimes & Tattoos.

Dear Ohio State, the football scandal may be "temporary", but your joke of a reputation will last forever.


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