Paying Student-Athletes and THE Ohio State Buckeyes: Game of Thrones Edition

I'm on a plane with nothing to do for the next 5 hours so I'm going to post some things that came up in the last hour or so.  Then Mr. Rosewater will ask for your opinion (which is so out of character for him).

So King Joffrey has taken The Iron Throne and the little wank is about to wreak havoc on the Seven Kingdoms.


I inked a Buckeye for this necklace, wench.

Speaking of nepotism, our "beloved" Jay Paterno posted this article about paying student-atheletes:

I won't go into his opinion in-depth, I'll just say I agree to a point.  His angle is that student-athletes are already getting a great deal with their scholarship/education at top universities, therefore there's no need to pay them.  He compares these athletes with their full-time student counterparts, who more than likely will graduate with a steep amount of debt.

I kind of wish he would expand on his first paragraph though, which is my point of contention.  IF you're paying student-athletes, especially high profile ones, with the altruistic idea of "spreading the wealth", then I say fine.  But if you're paying them to curtail cheating/car deals/tattoos/hasheesh, then you're blowing a lot of smoke.

I firmly believe that's why Jim Delany broached this subject at the Big Ten meeting, the main reason being that the marquis Big Ten program THE Ohio State is in big trouble and he feels that there should be a means to prevent this from happening again.


2 weeks ago: Jim Delany drinks refreshment from his goblet.  Farts. (AP)

We need to give them a hand, unless they discover the royal incest.  

A student-athlete who wants to cheat, will, no matter how much he is paid.  In fact, pay the cheating athlete, and not only will he drive away in a Nissan Z or whatever, but he'll have money to buy weed and order McDonald's at 2 in the morning.



My father was mad because he smoked all that weed growing behind me.

And about those trinkets: I know for a FACT that selling the Gold Pants was irksome to the old Big Ten goons. The very idea of punk football players trivializing the "GREATEST RIVALRY OF ALL TIME" for a bunch of ghetto tats must have made them pee in their man-diapers.  And what's even more sad is that they think they can control this buy throwing a few dollars their way.  Are the old men that naive?  It ain't gonna do sh*t!  Give an inch and they'll take a mile.


This is worth a unicorn tattoo.  Nay, a unicorn with Robocop riding atop it.

So I'll lay a poll on ye (ew, sexual?)  What is your opinion about paying student athletes?  Am I too cynical?  Is JayPa right?  Is Delany right?  Are student athletes getting enough?

What will happen to Ned Stark?  (I already know the answer, unfortunately)

Oye, turbulence.  I'm posting this and signing off.

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