Tim Curley will probably make us all Double Facepalm

I have no good feelings on this basketball search. I am almost certain TC will royally screw it up. Its a feeling in my gut that I just can't shake. 

Penn State hoops has a little momentum going. We have recruited better than ever before. The last 4 years we made two postseason appearances and only had one last place finish. Facilities are better than ever. Granted this isn't saying that much, but PSU actually has something to build from. 

This is a chance for the program to make it to the next level of being consistently competitive. It can happen with the right coach. 

However, that means the next coach must be a good fit, on and off the court. Someone who wants to build a program in his name and stay for awhile. A simply "good" coach will not do the program any good. It needs to be the RIGHT coach. If PSU hoops ever wants to get off the mat, this hire has to be a home run. 

I am sure Boylen and Everhart are good coaches and good people. At any other program they will do fine. But I just don't see them being the "right" fit. They lack the complete package we need.

We need a coach who will get it done on the court and on recruiting trips. We need a guy with fire, passion and integrity. We need a guy who will bang on doors and stand on tables to get people excited about the program. A guy who will force the athletic department to give basketball the treatment it deserves.

Patrick Chambers is the right guy. Scott Pera is the right guy. I have heard nothing but good things about these two. What worries me is they seem to be neglected. Pera is not even getting a sniff from TC. WTF? This guy is one of the most highly regarded assistants in the business and an alum! Chambers hasn't been said to interview. He completely turned around a basketball program in a hockey school. I just have a sinking feeling they are not even going to be considered like the other candidates. 

My gut tells me that Boylen or Everhart will get the job. They will have middling success for 5-10 year period like Dechellis. Then they will get fed up and leave. Back to square one and we will be in a repeating cycle of suck. 

Someone please tell me some good news. 

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