In which I complain and ramble for no real reason about the stupid BTN

Have you looked at the programming on the Big Ten Network? Have you heard about them calling freaking Eric Crouch the second greatest Big Ten quarterback of the 2000s?

Listen up, Big Ten, I'm only going to say this once:

Nebraska suck, I hate them, and Eric Crouch is not a great former Big Ten player.

I don't want to open up my guide and see some crap about the omg 1997 national mythical champion Huskers on the BTN tomorrow. That year's Michigan defense would have shut down Nebraska. Show some real conference pride, idiots.

And I definitely don't want to see some crap about the 1994 fake national mythical champion Huskers. Especially if the title is going to be "Finished Business".

What the flip (I don't use real swear words to show solidarity with nice polite Midwestern Nebraskans) does that even mean? Finished Business: We Showed You, JoePud is the title you should use for a biography of the hack Big Ten country jernulests who all voted for Nebraska because we owned them and made their mammas call us Babbo (Or just Papa, is Joe's family from Southern or Northern Italy?) in 1994.

The point is this: I don't want to hear about Todd Blackledge being one of the greatest Big Ten quarterbacks and I don't want to hear about the great Big Ten teams Nebraska had in the mid '90s. If you want to call Cappelletti a Big Ten icon, fine, whatever. But Nebraska's past history belongs to them and the Big Eight (We're cooler because we're independent).

And more importantly, I utterly despise the history of Nebraska football, from Rodgers robbing a gas station to Doctor Tom recruiting thugs. Their fans are a mixture of bad and good like most fanbases, but the history of the program itself has absolutely whatsoever to do with Big Ten's history. Same with Penn State.

And finally, we were better than them in '94 and we didn't have to use sleazy tactics like they did!

Oh, and I don't want any of you people telling me I could just choose to not watch this stuff. I'm well aware of that! I want to rant! Ranting is fun!

P.S. Nebraska is coached by an Ohio State dude, so they suck!

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