Penn State Yards to Glory

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Not sure if anyone caught ESPN’s Yards to Glory feature they did a little bit ago, but if you didn’t, you should check it out. Pretty neat idea, though it didn’t have enough Penn State in it for my tastes. The lack of Penn State, plus a day or two (or three…) of little to do at work led to this. I attempted (emphasis on attempted) to create a Penn State Yards to Glory. After giving it the old college try, fatigue (as well as the reemergence of actual work to do) made me leave it by the wayside. Now that the Actual Football Season is almost upon us, I will be far too busy watching actual football to bother with this anymore, so I figured I’d at least post what I came up with so far. So here you are: Penn State Yards to Glory.

A note before you start: I became a Penn State as a child, and attended my first game when I was in fourth grade, in 1994. So if you are wondering why the majority of these highlights are from the Big Ten era, it’s because that’s what I know. Also, for some reason or another, there seems to be a real lack of HD video shot from the 60s, 70s, and 80s… 

Oh, and HUGE props go out to LBUvideos and vslice02. I used a ton of your videos. And the way Linebacker U keeps pumping out 10 Minutes or Less, I could probably get the rest of the ones I’m missing if I had the ambition.

100 yards - Chaz Powell TD return against Youngstown State

97 yards - Larry Johnson kickoff return against Illinois, 2001

94 yards – DWill kickoff return against Illinois, 2008

92 yards – Mark Robertson pick-6 against Pitt (48-14)

91 yards – Navarro Bowman fumble return (almost didn’t get to 91 yards…wouldn’t have been as cool if it was a 82-and-then-collapsed-from-exhaustion yard return)

89 yards – DWill kickoff return against Coastal Carolina, 2008

88 yards – Tony Davis fumble return against Tennessee in the Outback Bowl, 2007

(-)87 yards – Ok, so this is technically cheating, as this went for negative 87. But I love Moye’s hustle on this play, and hey, we’re doing absolute values here.

84 yards – Chafie Fields reverse vs Texas, 1997 Fiesta Bowl

83 yards – Ki-Jana Carter TD, first play from scrimmage vs Oregon, Rose Bowl

80 yards – Stephon Green 80-yard screen pass vs Michigan, 2008. He is fast.

79 yards – Chafie Fields no flags no flags no flags

78 yards – DWill punt return vs Notre Dame, 2007

75 yards – DWill punt return vs Temple, 2006

73 yards – MRob to Matt Kranchick vs Wisconsin, 2003 (we had an offense in 2003?)

70 yards – DC17 to Deon Butler vs Michigan State, 2008

69 yards – Zach Mills option vs Ohio State, 2001

63 yards – DWill punt return vs Wisconsin, 2008

59 yards – Curt Warner vs mystery team, 1900s sometime

58 yards – Eric McCoo fumbles to himself

55 yards – Chaz Powell end around vs Coastal Carolina (mmmm cupcakes)

51 yards – Aaron Harris TD vs Ohio State

50 yards – Aaron Harris fumbles to himself vs Iowa

48 yards – Gregg Garrity TD catch 1983 Sugar Bowl

47 yards – MRob to Deon Butler against Wisconsin, 2005

44 yards – Evan Royster TD run vs Michigan, 2008

43 yards – Gardner pick-6 vs Nebraska, 2002

42 yards – Kenny Jackson TD catch vs Pitt (48-14)

40 yards – Andrew Quarless TD catch vs Michigan, 2009

38 yards – 2k for LJ

37 yards – DC17 to Derek Moye vs LSU, Capital One Bowl

36 yards – DWill game-winning catch vs Northwestern, 2005

35 yards – Calvin Lowry intercepts Troy Smith, 2005 Ohio State

(tie) 35 yards – Alan Zemaitis fumble return vs Michigan, 2005 (I know I already have a 35, but I love both of these plays)

33 yards – MRob TD run vs Michigan State, 2005

30 yards – Deon Butler 4th down TD catch, Alamo Bowl vs Texas A&M

29 yards – Anthony Scirrotto onside kick return vs Illinois, 2006

28 yards – Tony Johnson CATCH against Michigan, 2002 (damn you forever refs)

27 yards – Curtis Enis vs Ohio State

25 yards – Tony Hunt good run on TD drive vs Ohio State, 2005

24 yards – Ethan Kilmer TD catch, Orange Bowl vs Florida State

23 yards – Tony Hunt runs all over Tennessee, Outback Bowl

22 yards – Larry Johnson great running vs Northwestern, 2002. Good, hard running.

20 yards – 4th and 15 at Northwestern, 2005

19 yards – Evan Royster breaks the all-time Penn State rushing record, Michigan 2010

17 yards – Suck it Nebraska, 1982

16 yards – Bobby Engram game-winning catch against Michigan, 1994

14 yards – DWill TD vs Minnesota, 2005 (I love the option, and I remember being nervous about this game until this moment. Then the floodgates opened.)

13 yards – DWill TD vs Ohio State, 2005

12 yards – Unbelievable catch by Bobby Engram vs Ohio State, 1994

(tie) 12 yards – Great TD catch by Derek Moye vs Minnesota, 2008

11 yards – Giftapolous interception vs Miami, 1987 Fiesta Bowl

10 yards – Lineman interception return for a TD vs Ohio State, 1994 (because big guys scoring is always awesome, as is scoring against Ohio State)

9 yards – Jordan Norwood TD catch vs USC, Rose Bowl. Shitty game, but I love that Norwood came back in and scored after getting destroyed by a dirty hit from Mays.

6 yards – DJ Dozier vs Miami, 1987 Fiesta Bowl

5 yards – Bobby Engram winning TD vs Michigan State

(tie) 5 yards – Great TD catch by Jordan Norwood vs Buffalo, 2007

4 yards – Zack Mills game winner against Northwestern to get Joe his 323rd win, 2001

(tie) 4 yards – DC17 Fist Pump

3 yards – Joe Nastasi fake field goal vs Michigan, 1995

2 yards – The Drive, Milne scores to take the lead against Illinois, 1994

1 yard – Devlin QB sneak TD against Ohio State, 2008

Aaaaand that's all folks! Here's hoping this season brings a few good plays to add to this list.

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