BSD Week in Review & Pregame Open Thread: 9.10.11


It's here. It's finally here. In just more than five hours from now, Penn State and Alabama will take the field in Beaver Stadium. Stressed out? You should be. Here's the sh*t-ton of articles we posted this week. It has to be some kind of record here at BSD. And this doesn't count the fanshots and fanposts that got bumped up, too.

Gameday Conditions


Friday 9.9.11

Joe Paterno at tonight's Rally in The Valley. - by Ben

Recruiting Visitors Set, With One Very Big Question Mark - by Jeff

Penn State Depth Chartin': Alabama - by Mike

Brooze Cruise: Penn State Injury Report - Alabama - by Jeff

Preview: Alabama at Penn State - by Chris

Success With Hyperlinking Presumably Won't Be Sued By Baylor - by Peter

Thursday 9.8.11

Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em & Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Week 2 - by Galen

SNACKS ON SNACKS: Chili Cookoff Y'All - by Jeff

Your Week Two Totally Serious Football Odds - by Tim

Talking Bama, Flips, and Piped-In Music with Drum Major Ian Kenney - by MIke

Big Ten Preview: Week Two - by Kyle

The Plot Thickens: National Week Two Preview - by Peter

Success with Hyperlinking is Tired of the Rain - by Kyle

Wednesday 9.7.11

Video: 1983 Penn State vs #3 Alabama - by Mike

Amateur Blog Mob Roundtable Week 2 - Penn State vs. Alabama - by Adam

Penn State Football Parking: Changes Announced; Lots Closed - by Chris

2012 Big Ten Basketball Schedule Finally Released - by Eric

Similar Concerns, Strengths for Alabama, Penn State - by Jeff

Black Shoe Diaries Podcast: Alabama Crimson Tide - by Chris

Success With Hyperlinking Goes To The Spelling Bee - by Peter

Tuesday 9.6.11

BSD Pick 'Em Update - by Chris

Basketball Recruitin' Says Don't Forget About Me - by Eric

Derek Moye: Inexperience Not An Excuse Against Alabama - by Ben

Suspended* Nittany Lions to Return for Alabama Game - by Mike

Press Conference Open Thread & Live Blog: 9.6.11 - Alabama - by Mike & Ben

Tuesday Recruitin' Is Putting Out A Spread, Perhaps A Cookie Table - by Jeff

And We're Off: Week One National Recap - by Peter

BlogPoll 2011: Week 2 Ballot - by Nick

Success with Hyperlinking is Ready for Alabama - by Kyle

Monday 9.5.11

Oh, Hello: NJ PF Brandon Taylor Commits to Penn State - by Eric

Big Ten Review: Week One - by Kyle

Recap, PSU 41 - ISU 7: Mark Of The Unnamed - by Chris

Photo Gallery: Penn State vs Indiana State - by Mike

The Final Act: Penn State, Alabama, And Joe Paterno - by Ben

Success with Hyperlinking is Delayed by Lightning - by Kyle

Post-Game, ISU

Jack Crawford Looking For A Shot At Redemption - by Ben

Video: Penn State Postgame Player Interviews - Indiana State - by Ben

Penn State's Ground Attack Dominates Indiana State - by Ben

Have fun today. And remember, it can happen...

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