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It's time to move on and focus toward Saturday. Penn State has a very nice three-game stretch to find out what kind of team it wants to be in 2011. The quarterback situation remains (at least to one man) a toss-up, a mess to most others. But overall there is now a concrete lineup to count on as the season progresses.

It's time to look at and project this week's depth chart.

Aside from the guys OFY (out for the year), hopefully things are settling down on the injury front. Chima Okoli will return this week, and Andrew Szczerba is obviously full-strength since he played last week. In the larger scheme of things, everything is straight forward this week. The quarterbacks, unfortunately, remain the same as this time last week. The running backs and recievers are set, though I did move Allen Robinson up to the second team and Curtis Drake seems to be officially back from his broken leg but not yet 100 percent. When Drake does go full-speed it will be a big help as he's more of a slash guy in the mold of Derrick Williams. Robinson's been getting a lot more playing time than I expected this season.

The offensive line played well last week, and should improve each week they don't have to deal with lineup shuffling as happened in 2009 and 2010. Mike Farrell is still doubtful, so he's out of the three-deep. Donovan Smith also enters the chart as a third-team tackle.

The defense will be the same. But special teams saw some changes I didn't anticipate last week. Adrian Amos was back to field some kickoffs against Alabama. So he gets bumped up into that lineup. Evan Lewis launched and made a 43-yarder last week. Hopefully he just needed to get back into the kicking swing of things and will now settle down into the job.  

Off. First Team Second Team Reserves
QB #1 Rob Bolden #11 Matthew McGloin #2 Shane McGregor
RB #25 Silas Redd #3 Brandon Beachum #26 Curtis Dukes
#21 Stephfon Green
FB #37 Joe Suhey #9 Michael Zordich #40 Zach Zwinak
TE #80 Andrew Szczerba #10 Kevin Haplea #82 Brian Irvin
WR #6 Derek Moye  #8 Allen Robinson #7 Curtis Drake
WR #81 Shawney Kersey #85 Brandon Moseby-Felder #17 Christian Kuntz
WR #19 Justin Brown #20 Devon Smith #16 Ryan Scherer
OT #67 Quinn Barham #70 Nate Cadogan  #76 Donovan Smith
OG  #74 Johnnie Troutman #73 Mark Acidacono #75 Eric Shrive
OC #54 Matt Stankiewitch #60 Ty Howle #65 Miles Dieffenbach
OG #50 DeOn'tae Pannell #64 John Urschel #62 Frank Figueroa
OT #52 Chima Okoli #58 Adam Gress #76 Donovan Smith
Def. First Team Second Team Reserves
DE #56 Eric Latimore #90 Sean Stanley #31 Brad Bars
DT #47 Jordan Hill #93 James Terry #92 Anthony Alosi
DT #71 Devon Still #91 DaQuan Jones #75 Evan Hailes
DE #81 Jack Crawford #86 C.J. Olaniyan #84 Kyle Baublitz
Fritz #6 Gerald Hodges #43 Mike Hull  
Bckr #40 Glenn Carson #11 Khairi Fortt #33 Michael Yancich
Sam #42 Michael Mauti #34 Nate Stupar #54 James Van Fleet
CB #8 D'Anton Lynn  #12 Stephon Morris
H #28 Drew Astorino #10 Malcolm Willis
S #1 Nick Sukay #7 Stephen Obeng-Agyapong #27 Jake Fagnano
NB #8 D'Anton Lynn #2 Chaz Powell #5 Derrick Thomas
CB #2 Chaz Powell #14 Mike Wallace #15 Alex Kenney
Sp. First Team Second Team Reserves
K  #4 Evan Lewis #97 Sam Ficken #30 Anthony Fera
P #45 Alex Butterworth #30 Anthony Fera (KOS)
KR #2 Chaz Powell #20 Devon Smith  #4 Adrian Amos
PR #20 Devon Smith #19 Justin Brown  
LS #60 Ty Howle #53 Jon Rohrbaugh #57 Emery Etter
SH #23 Ryan Keiser  


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