Doin' the right thing

I don't know how many of you remember this, but before last year's Bama game, Nick Saban told a story about Joe Paterno whereby when Mr. Saban was the head guy at Michigan State, he was trying to get a kid an extra year of eligibility, because of an injury he suffered. The NCAA originally declined the request, but Joe Paterno stepped up to the plate and used his influence with the NCAA to get the kid an additional year. Later that year, that particular individual almost carried Michigan State to victory over PSU. 

The moral of this story is that Joe Paterno has a well earned reputation of doing what is right, not because it is the popular choice, or for media attention, but because it is the right thing to do. There are an infinite number of examples of this in Joe Pa's career. 

This brings me to the the situation with the PSU quarterbacks. Everyone knows the Penn State QB story of last year, and the easy decision would have been to make Matt McGloin the QB. I don't know what transpired in the Rob Bolden "transfer" discussion, but I suspect that Joe recognized that he did not give Bolden a fair shake toward the end of last season. I believe that he made a promise to both McGloin and Bolden to give them each a fair opportunity to win the job and I believe that we are witnessing that promise being fulfilled. There is no fanfair surrounding this effort, no announcement on Joe Pa's part, nor would I expect any. That is not what Joe does.

I, like a lot of fans out there are in Bolden's camp. There is probably an equal number in McGloin's. Picking a QB is a relatively easy decision to make for the coaching staff. I believe that either will give them continuity and rhythm when the choice is finally made, so the popular decision is pick one and let's go. But what Joe is doing is not the popular choice, he is doing the "right thing" and in retrospect, I agree with him. These are young men learning not only how to play football, but also learning about life and doing the "right thing".

How many of us have been in a personal situation where all we wanted was a fair chance?

Side notes,

1.) I like the way the media makes it sound like Penn State is in total disarray. I, for one, believe we are flying under the radar and if one looks at the latest Bama game, PSU could have easily come away with a win, but for a number of dropped balls, a couple of pivotal turnovers and some bad officiating. I believe that good ole State will do just fine in the Big Ten this year. This Temple game will show a lot,but it will be close. Temple is a very good underrated team. This will help Penn State down the road, since it will add to the mystique of Penn State being not so good.

2.) These are my over/under ratings for the Big Ten Teams

Michigan - even

Penn State - underrated

Ohio State - overrated

Michigan State - overrated

Nebraska - overrated

Iowa - overrated

Northwestern - even

Illinois - underrated

Indiana - even

Purdue - even

Minnesota - underrated

Wisconsin - even

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