'Bama tailgate plans

Getting the opportunity to meet DerryPharmer in person last Saturday was awesome and really opened my eyes to how great it can be putting faces to the names on this board.   So I figured I'd post my tailgate plans for this coming weekend in the hopes of meeting one or more of you at some point.   I'll be in the overnight RV lot by Thursday night. Below I've pasted the e-mail I sent my friends describing our theme and plans.  Not sure if it would be enough info to go on to find us, but if you just look for hay bales and hillbillys on Saturday you've either found us or you're at a Bama tailgate.   Share your plans on this thread and hope to meet a few of you.   WE ARE!


Background Story ::  I like our parties to have a theme.  Last year, I had the not-so-genius idea at home to do an 100% Northern tailgate at my house for the 'Bama game --- basically nothing from south of the Mason-Dixon line (Yankee Pot roast, buffalo wings, Boston cream pie, Yeungling and Moslon, Canadian club, music heavy on NYC, Detroit and Seattle, etc, etc) and we got our asses spanked.    So - this year I'm doing the exact opposite.   We will be attempting to do the full tailgate on Saturday with NOTHING from above the Mason-Dixon line.   Type it in on google and you'll get to see where that line goes across the globe at Latitude 39 deg 43' and you'll be able to figure out what is acceptable.   I also like to add costumes in just to really take it over the top a little.  What the hell -- it will be a full WhiteHouse so we should be able to have fun with this theme.   Here's what's gonna happen :



Total Southern BBQ : I keep playing with the menu and I'm trying to get a hang of my new smoker, so we'll see -- but it should look something like this : Smoked brisket, Pulled pork, Ribs, BBQ beans, corn on the cob, biscuits, cornbread, cole slaw, pecan pie w/bourbon sauce, peach cobbler, multiple BBQ sauces styles including Carolina style, watermelon.   Trying to think of more -- any ideas let me know.   Ben is also planning to bring up some authentic stuff from Carolina with him.

- Kitchen set-up : I will have a grill, 2 burner stove and probably am going to bring the smoker and try to fresh smoke the ribs that morning.  It's a little ambitious, but I think I'm just gonna go for it.



Mixologist Jess will be making Alabama Slammers and we'll figure out something else to make with Southern Comfort for both shots and frozen drinks.  If you want something special let me know or just bring it.   We'll also probably make some sweet tea and I'll keep a few hyrdrators around to try and keep me alive.


Beers :  need to be all from below the Mason-Dixon.  If you are bringing beer with you, please keep that in mind as I will kick your ass out if you try to bring any Northern shit onto my temporary property.  I have a few cases picked up already : Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Abita Purple Haze, 2 cases of Shiner bock, and a case of Mississippi Mud black and tan.   Please bring whatever else you want.  If you want to make it easy, I did research that St.Louis is technically located below the Mason-Dixon line, so Anhuesier-Busch products can be a staple if you would like.    Eric is also bringing some of his homebrew and I believe Ben is bringing some local beers up from Carolina.   *Try to keep it to cans if you can.  That is one of the newer rules at the tailgate and the less bottles we have that draw attention to ourselves the better.



Playlist is currently created with a roller coaster like mix of folks like those listed below.  It's fun for the whole family (as long as there aren't any impressionable young kids around).

CCR, The Doors, Ludacris, Pantera, Alabama, Lynard Skynard, Dr Dre and Snoop, AC/DC, Sepultura, NWA and Ice Cube, Gloria Estefan, 2 Live Crew, Flo Rida, Hank Williams Jr., Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, Rihanna, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Buffet, George Strait, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Beyonce, Meatloaf, Kanye West, OutKast, Ray Charles, Allman Brothers, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Tom Petty & the heartbreakers, Tupac, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Motley Crue, The Offspring, Faith No More, Janes Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Cypress Hill, Korn, etc, etc.  



We are going with "Penn State Hillbilly".   It's also a Whitehouse -- so be prepared for that.   In addition, there is going to be some special tributes done in the stadium for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 -- including an F-18 flyover before kickoff and I believe the whole stadium is going to be asked to sing God Bless America at halftime.   I'm sure anything patriotic would be great as well.   As for me, I've got some white painter's overalls and fake hobbit feet and fake hillbilly teeth.  Try to keep up.



I have PSU ladder golf, washers and cornhole and will have those set-up.  I think I'm going to set up some beer pong too.   If anyone has the ambition to set-up some kind of tournament again, please let me know.  That was fun the last time we did that. 


TV : I don't have a plan for one.   Not sure if that's a big deal for anyone or not, but if it is let me know if you have a thought on a solution. 

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