Wrestling, Southern Scuffle CHAMPIONSHIP UPDATE

Individual titles go so far in team wrestling tournaments. Penn State sent 6 wrestlers to the finals in 5 weight classes (Ed Ruth's backup, Matt Brown, bested the rest of the field at 174 to advance to the finals) and when all was said and done, they crowned 4 individual champions. Second place Minnesota, who beat us in the Big Ten dual meet last month, earned titles in 3 of the 5 weights in which they had finals participants. Final team scores:

1. Penn State PSU 191.5
2. Minnesota MINN 177.5
3. Missouri MISS 136.0
4. Cornell CORN 130.0

Penn State entered 15 wrestlers in the tournament and placed 11 of them in the top 8. Final scoring breakdowns per wrestler here.

Four champs: Molinaro, Taylor, Ruth & Wright (all four capable of doing the same at B1Gs or Nationals, albeit in much stronger fields)

Two 2nds: Brown & Alton (both showed they could contend for placing at B1Gs or AA'ing at Nationals)

Two 4ths: Wade & Megaludis (I'm not sure what these efforts taught us about their potentials in March)

Two 6ths: McIntosh & Vollrath (Vollrath, like Brown, continues to show the quality depth PSU has in the room and McIntosh got pretty ripped off in the consi semis vs. a top-5 guy)

One 8th: Gingrich (this is the kind of experience we need to develop at HWT, as Cam Wade graduates later this year)

Remaining questions include 133, where we sadly did not get to see TRSO Frankie Martellotti return to the mat and 141, where JR Bryan Pearsall went 3-2, but fizzled out in grand fashion in the R12. The departure of Sam Sherlock from the program this past week assures the starting job is Pearsall's, so we'll hope to see him continue to gain experience and hope he can score some for us in March. Beyond those two questions, the other story for Penn State was the Bonus Point scoring. PSU finished with 50.5 from their starters/scorers (and had an additional 10 Bonus Points from their non-scorers). This is a very nice showing in that department, because the fields get much more difficult in March when Iowa and then Oklahoma State enter the tournaments. Still, this was a very nice tourney for our lads and it gives us plenty to look forward to these next two months.

*I don't have an email for Galen, but would imagine he'll be back on the case for upcoming duals. (I hope these updates were ok, Galen)

UPDATE. Wow, consi medal rounds could not have gone worse for Penn State, who went 0-5 there. Minny, meanwhile had three wrestlers earn points for 3rd place: Storley at 157, Steinhaus at 184 and Yohn at 197. Team score after end of consolations and prior to the finals:

1. Penn State PSU 172.5
2. Minnesota MINN 168.5
3. Missouri MISS 130.0
4. Cornell CORN 126.0

That's a 4pt lead if you're counting at home, one insubstantial enough that Penn State can still finish 2nd in this tournament. Finals matchups below. I think I'm learning that, although scoring to date has defaulted to crediting our 'starters', in the end a team may take whichever wrestler has the highest points. At 174, Ruth has scored 25.5 and Brown has scored 21. So, if Brown wins, he'll have 25, but Ruth will still have 25.5 so we take Ruth's and, as such, receive no team gain to the current score. Alternatively, Sanderson could have Brown forfeit the match and Ruth (& PSU) would earn 6 pts (4 Plc for the 1st place & 2 Bonus for a forfeit). This could bring some negative reaction to Sanderson, both inside and outside the PSU wrestling room, but injury avoidance may also be at play. Hopefully, for the team, Ruth handles business, injury-free to both grapplers, and PSU earns an additional 4 to their current score.

Minny's got a weird one also at 133, where backup Chris Dardanes is in the finals with 17pts and starter David Thorn has placed third with 20pts. If Dardanes wins, he earns 4 more to finish with 21, so Minny would go with that score instead and 1 pt would be added to their current score. Also, any bonus Dardanes, who has zero bonus thus far, might earn in the final.

So, if PSU runs the table with their top guys, that would be 5 championships * 4pts = 20 total and game over. Same scenario but Brown beats Ruth, we get 4 * 4 = 16, PSU still wins. If Minny runs the table and comes out with 5 champions, they'd get 1 for Dardanes and 16 for the other four; PSU would get nothing from DT & Tank, but could still get 4 each from Alton, Ruth & Wright and win the team championship. So even with huge upsets over DT & Tank, Minny would still need one of Alton, Ruth or Wright to also lose.

Lastly, if DT & Tank win and Alton, Ruth & Wright all lose, PSU would still win the championship (8 pts that Minny cannot earn b/c of H2H; Sanders, Dardanes & Nelson can only earn 9Plc pts), unless the three of them combined also for 5.5 bonus points. Ok, it's getting a little silly scenario-wise. Barring huge upsets, PSU is likely to win the tourney, but can still do so in very impressive fashion. Best news of all? Free live video (quality not yet seen) can be had here. GO LIONS!

#1 Zach Sanders (Minnesota) vs #3 Alan Waters (Missouri)

UNR Nick Soto (UTC) vs. Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)


#5 Michael Mangrum (Oregon State) v. UNR Darrius Little (NC State)

#1 Frank Molinaro (Penn State) vs. #11 Dylan Ness (Minnesota)

#10 Dylan Alton (Penn State) vs. #1 Kyle Dake


#1 David Taylor (Penn State) vs. #10 Cody Yohn (Minnesota)

#2 Ed Ruth (Penn State) vs. UNR Matt Brown (Penn State)

#5 Quentin Wright (Penn State) vs. #4 Steve Bosak (Cornell)

#1 Cam Simaz (Cornell) vs. #19 Brent Haynes (Missouri)

#7 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) vs. #4 Clayton Jack (Oregon State)


I'm guessing the fellas will have a lot of football threads on Page One, so am starting this one in the sidebar. Big thanks to Galen for the audio-to-text transcription efforts yesterday. 42 Bonus points our lads rang up and he keyed each one of them in and in rapid fashion! It's very nice to see that, up and down the lineup, the guys are registering that the big tourneys in March are gonna be tightly contested and that every little bit helps the team.

And speaking of those tourneys in March, one of Penn State's closest competitors in both the Big Ten & National championship tournaments is very likely to be the Minnesota Golden Gophers. They smacked us in the mouth a bit in the dual meet in Rec Hall in December and are sitting on our heels in this tournament in Chattanooga. At the start of today's action, the team score leaderboard looked like this:

1. Penn State PSU 118.0
2. Minnesota MINN 110.5
3. Missouri MISS 83.5

4. Cornell CORN 79.0

They also have 8 wrestlers still alive in the championship bracket in 7 weight classes (to our 9 in 7). The semifinals, which begin at 11a along with the consolation quarterfinals, bring more big team scoring opportunities. Winners guarantee themselves at least a 2nd place finish and, as such, get 6 more Placement points scored to their team. Before yesterday's quarterfinals, most of the team scoring was made up of Advancement (1 pt for championship bracket wins & .5 for consi wins) and Bonus (2 for pins, 1.5 for tech falls w/near fall pts, and 1 for TFs with no nf pts and for Major Decisions). But now the the Placement points are beginning to kick in. Here's a quick review of their scoring:

1st place = 16
2nd =12
3rd = 10

4th = 9
5th = 7
6th = 6
7th = 4
8th = 3

I made this google doc for itemizing our wrestlers' contributions to our team score and will keep it updated throughout today. Here are the semifinal matchups, using Intermat national rankings:

#1 Zach Sanders (Minnesota) v. #9 Matt Snyder (Virginia)
#7 Frank Perrelli (Cornell) v. #3 Alan Waters (Missouri)

#5 David Thorn (Minnesota) v. UNR Nick Soto (UTC)
UNR Nick Arujau (Cornell) v. UNR Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)

#5 Michael Mangrum (Oregon State) v. #19 Nick Nelson (Virginia)
UNR Darrius Little (NC State) v. UNR Nick Hucke (Missouri)

#1 Frank Molinaro (Penn State) v. #20 Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State)
#11 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) v. #14 Kyle Bradley (Missouri)

#1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) v. UNR James Vollrath (Penn State)
UNR Corey Mock (North Carolina) v. #10 Dylan Alton (Penn State)

#1 David Taylor (Penn State) v. #20 Kyle Blevins (Appalachian State)
#10 Cody Yohn (Minnesota) v. #3 PJ Gillespie (Hofstra)

#2 Ed Ruth (Penn State) v. UNR Patrick Wright (Missouri)
#11 Logan Storley (Minnesota) v. UNR Matt Brown (Penn State)

#4 Steve Bosak (Cornell) v. #10 Austin Trotman (Appalachian State)
#5 Quentin Wright (Penn State) v.#15 Luke Rebertus (Navy)

#1 Cam Simaz (Cornell) v. #11 Morgan McIntosh (Penn State)
#19 Brent Haynes (Missouri) v. #2 Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)

#7 Tony Nelson (Minnesota) v. UNR Chad Hanke (Oregon State)
#8 Cameron Wade (Penn State) v. #4 Clayton Jack (Oregon State)

Obviously, we're big Missouri & Oregon State fans today in matches not affecting our wrestlers.

The best starting page for other updates and resources is Penn State Wrestling Club: Their front page is the best way to navigate to's live brackets and team scoring and you may need to close those browsers periodically and re-launch from here. They also have links to the ($$) audio and then, later tonight, to the free video for the finals!

Remaining schedule:

9:00am- 4th Round Consolation (4 Mats, 40 Matches)
11:00am- Semifinals (2 Mats, 20 Matches) and Consolation Quarterfinals (2 Mats, 20 Matches)
1:00pm- Consolation Semifinals (4 mats, 20 Matches)
2:30pm- Medal Matches (3rd-8th Place) (3 mats, 30 Matches)
6:00pm- Finals (1 Mat)

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