Long term permenance vs short term circumstance

This began as a comment in another thread, but I think it deserves its own fanpost.

Yesterday WarBuck46410 posted this:

this is meant to be helpful.

welcome to the real world of CFB. For the first time in 46 years (or thereabouts), PSU is hiring a new coach.

welcome to the typical fan reaction to your new possible coach. Please name me more than 2 fanbases that have gone "woot woot" over their recent coaching hire. I invite you to visit fansites at the relevant time period for Miami (FL), Florida, Minny, Michigan (twice), tOSU (2000), Tennessee (actually LOLing at their hiring ineptitude), UCLA (gawd, what a nightmare), Notre Dame (20 years now of nightmare), etc.

again, welcome to the real world of CFB. You have had the honor of avoiding this for a very long time. You are in a new world; please begin to get accustomed to the temperature of the water.

next, please note the Giant Pink Elephant in the coach-hiring room better known as the Devastation That Is Jerry Sandusky, a horrible fire-breathing people-eating dragon of destruction. please…. you had to know that the sex scandal was going to -—- um -— complicate things.

next please note the well-know "rule" that the "guy that follows the GUY [Paterno] fails" and it is better to be the "guy that follows the guy that follows the GUY." Your next great coach is waiting until the new guy fails. Maybe the new guy won’t fail. But some of the better coaches decided to sit it out to avoid being the guy that follows the GUY.

fwiw, ESpin -— gawd I hate them -— is being supportive. Regarding Brady, the spin here is "hissy fit." But during the basketball game, the ESpin announcers spun it as O’Brien being the guy that "stood up to Brady." PSU can use all the good press it can get (even if from ESpin).

all I’m saying: if it’s O’Brien, welcome your O’Brien overlord and hope for the best.

Again, this is meant to be helpful.

I was thinking about this a bit as I drifted to sleep (how twisted is that?...seriously) and had an epiphany about how I could handle this situation better to make it easier on myself personally.

SkellerDweller06 then had this line in a comment that was along the same thought:

I don’t think we’re being rational in saying that big hire was a given. If you talk to anyone without emotional ties to PSU, anyone at all, they say the same thing "who would want to coach there right now?" Emphasis on right now.

We have had remarkable consistency around the football team for the past 45 years. Some good years vs some bad years, but mostly good years. With that kind of consistency it is much easier to hold on to great seasons even if they were a very long time ago. The collective fanbase remembers '82, '84, '94, '05 and '08 as if they were yesterday. In reality they were 4, 7, 18, 28 and 30 years ago.

The consistency that we have been conditioned to makes everything happening right now seem as though it always will, because in our past it always has. In the wider world of football right now is all that matters.

Even M1EK droped some insight on this:

This is exactly it They (the search committee) had the same blue and white tinted glasses on that we all did in thinking that Happy Valley doesn’t stink right now.

Those who actually agreed with the reports that the job was ‘toxic’ were mercilessly attacked here as being out-of-touch.

It isn't that the people who attacked those saying that the job could be "toxic" were out of touch. They had been conditioned as Penn State fans to take a long term view of things. In the long term there has been and should continue to be a lot going for this program, tradition, fan support, resources, etc. and the job is not toxic.

However in the short term (2 to 4 years), for the next coach this is a very undesirable situation. The negative recruiting will be something that has never before been seen even on the recruiting trail, the consistent nags by those with their own axe to grind with college sports in general will be clamoring for the microphone to take jabs at press conferences, it will happen, for a while.

As long as the core values and tradition of Penn State remain, the short term will pass. As long as athletes graduate, the athletic department remains independent of general funds, there are no NCAA scandals and the team maintains at least a moderate level of on field competency, we will get through this.

There will be a time when things return to Success With Honor. It will be a different Honor, a more mature and humble Honor, but here will be a time when echoes of WE ARE...PENN STATE echo off the San Gabriel mountains in Pasadena and all will seem is it should.

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