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In the grand tradition of BSD Mike, I bring you...the drunken post.

Now, I'm not completely s-faced. Nor is this an opinion piece, or a straight-forward take on the current state of Penn State football, or some such. Rather, it's your generic, run of the mill links post, of around-the-horn non-PSU stuff, brought to you by a girl who's had too much sangria as of the writing of the post. Fun, and celebratory shots (WOOO RGIII!) abound!

Let's get down to it, shall we?

There was a little-publicized game this week--you may have seen some stats. It was between two lesser known teams, the "West Virginia" "Mountaineers" and the "Baylor" "Bears". Apparently, something else you may not have known about the game of football? Defense is optional:

The over/under heading into today’s game was set at 84. That went bye-bye about midway through the third quarter as No. 9 WVU had to outlast — yes, outlast — No. 25 Baylor, 70-63. The two teams were knotted up at 35 at the half, with the final touchdown coming with no time left on the clock as Nick Florence completed a wild pass to Lanear Sampson, who then ran the majority of 67 yards for a touchdown.

That statistically amazing performance has vaulted WVU QB Geno Smith into the frontrunner spot for the 2012 Heisman. And, oh yeah, it inspired at least seven street fires in Morgantown. You stay classy, Mountaineers.

This college football season is pretty wonky, no? And over at ESPN's college gameday final, they attributed that to an overall lack of defense, and the exposure of teams' weaknesses:

And while only two ranked teams fell (to higher-ranked teams), plenty of highly ranked teams had potential deficiencies exposed. From coast to coast, scoreboard operators worked overtime to keep up with record-setting quarterbacks and offenses. No. 9 West Virginia and No. 25 Baylor combined for 133 points in the Mountaineers' first Big 12 game. No. 5 Georgia and Tennessee combined for 95 points, the highest-scoring game between the SEC rivals. No. 12 Texas and Oklahoma State combined for 77 points and more than 1,000 yards of offense. And Northwestern set a school record with 704 yards of offense to remain the Big Ten's only bowl-eligible team with an unblemished record.

In the same article, they mention something called "bowl eligibility", but I have no idea what they mean by that.

Yeah, it was written in the aftermath of Thursday's upset win of Washington over Stanford, but Stewart Mandel over at SI has a bit of a take on the transitive property in college football:

Here's the thing about college football: The teams change from week to week. They're better some games than others. They play differently at home than on the road. Not to rain on the parade, but the transitive property wasn't intended for football.

UNPOSSIBLE, STEW! Transitive property always works! Take 2008, for example. PSU > Oregon State. Oregon State > USC. USC...oh, wait.

Over at Yahoo!, Doc Saturday breaks down their week five winners and losers. Some of the winners? LA Tech, Northwestern, and two teams that lost this week, Towson (Maryland represent!) and Ole Miss. Among the losers? Michigan State's running game, Wisconsin, the Tim Beckman era at Illinois, and (lol) Georgia Tech:

If you thought Georgia Tech snatching defeat from the hands of victory against Miami last week was the low point, well, look away. The Yellow Jackets' 49-28 loss to Middle Tennessee State (yes, Middle Tennessee State) was the first loss to a non-BCS school since 1996 and the first time the Yellow Jackets had suffered consecutive home losses since 1988. Is it time to hit the panic button at Georgia Tech? Yes, yes it is.

In former Doc Saturday news, on our fellow SBNation sites, Matt Hinton's Sunday Morning QB is always worth a look. This week, he takes a look at Al Golden's Miami Hurricanes, and his foul mouth. Despite the mild cursing, I love it. Golden has a passion for the game, and if BOB ever gives it up (or, if the unforeseen happens), I still wouldn't mind seeing him come home to the blue and white. Dude still wears ties and khakis on the freaking sideline, for Pete's Sake.

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