"Snacks on Snacks": Sweet Home(coming) Chicago... Riding High on a Bye!!!


I am pleased to report that after PSU's awesome win last week, a small group of us Happy Valley local tailgaters continued to party straight through to Columbus day. This gave me the joyful opportunity to take care of some unfinished foodie business. Here's how my tale goes:

The recipe (pictured above) for my "A Salad on Top of a Hot Dog? Only in Chicago!" was intended to be included with last weeks' SOS post, BUT: the Amazon man did not deliver the box with the smiley face on it (the box containing the authentic ingredients I ordered) until Friday (a day too late). Those two ingredients would be:

The kryptonite-colored sweet pickle relish and the all-important sport peppers:


Then, the supplier who was supposed deliver the authentic poppy-seeded hot dog rolls sent me an e-mail saying I missed their deadline, and, they couldn't deliver them until October 18th! What the hell is that? You folks only bake rolls once every two weeks? I did not let that stop me though. In true-blue PSU style, I enlisted none other than:

The alarmingly cute, blue & white, Pillsbury Dough Boy:


I made my own dang hot dog rolls, complete with poppy seeds, using his handy-dandy hot roll mix. I am here to tell you, now that I've done this once, I'm going to be making homemade hot dog, hamburger and sandwich rolls often!


The hot dogs were inhaled and enjoyed by six of us somewhat late on Saturday night. When armed with the right ingredients and rolls, these Chicago Dogs couldn't be any easier to put together and I hope you'll give them a try!

Situation normal? Yes and no...

I felt a hangover coming on. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get up on Sunday and be productive in any way shape or form. So, I made one of my tailgate groups' all-time favorite, easy-to-put-together, make-the-night-before-the-hangover-sets-in casseroles. What's not to love about an Egg McMuffin that feeds twelve!


... and, hidden inside of every portion, is an entire sausage pattie. I baked this sucker up the next "morning" (1:00PM-ish), served it with an array of hot sauces, and, of course, Bloody Mary's:


I can't resist posting this next picture, because, here this beauty sits, with all of those spicy, sliced jalapenos on top, just waiting for my tailgate army to get its sleepyheads and hangovers downstairs into my kitchen to eat:


Thanks for letting me share these carryover recipes for your bye week tailgate par-taying enjoyment. Last week was a big win for all of us Penn Staters. I for one felt a bit of the weight we are all carrying begin to lift off my shoulders. I don't know if O'Brian's Lions are going to win 'em all from here on out, but: they sure are capable of many pleasant surprises!!!

For these and all of my recipes, just visit Jessedotsmom's Foodie Blog.

For the Glory,

Go for it on Fourth!


PS: Next week? Flying pigs of major proportion!!!

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