BSD Prediction Roundtable: The Second Half

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Penn State has proven almost every national pundit wrong by going 4-2 during the first half of the season. With the bye week splitting the season in equal parts, the BSD crew predicts the next six games.

Back in August, we all made our predictions on how we thought the season would shake out. Our optimism has seemed to pay off as we all look pretty smart with Penn State heading into the bye week with the first half of its season completed at 4-2. So, does anyone have second thoughts? WIll they add or take off a win or two from their earlier predictions? Let's find out.

Cari: 5-1

Not sure who the one will be, but I see us losing a heartbreaker (if OSU was on the road, I'd say definitely that one, but since it's at home I'm not so sure). I think Indiana and Purdue are gimmes, and Iowa and Wisconsin are in our favor. So the one loss would probably come to OSU or Nebraska, since we're going to Memorial Stadium this year.

Galen: 4-2

I don't see Penn State losing to Indiana or Purdue, and I'm pretty confident about Iowa especially given the bye week. That leaves us with OSU, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. The Badgers aren't playing well this season and if Penn State beats Iowa and welcomes the Buckeyes for a night game, watch out. So where are the two losses coming from? I think one will be from either OSU or Nebraska and I think the second will come from anywhere simply because someone will beat us due to our lack of kicking game. Penn State can't keep going for it on 4th down when they have anything over a 20-yard field goal. They've come out clean so far but one of the games it will bite them in the ass.

bscaff: Penn State by 17

bscaff Likes: Offensive balance, turnover margin, aggressive coaching, Run defense, reading, and hiking the great outdoors

bscaff Dislikes: Special teams, pass defense, dearth of explosive offensive plays, and balloon animals made by creepy clowns.

Jared: 5-1

I am so close to saying this team will win out, but it seems all too likely that a game will be lost over a field goal, a failed 4th down conversion or some other mishap when the ball simply doesn't bounce in Penn State's favor. I really like the way Penn State matches up with Wisconsin and Nebraska. Ohio State has been impressive, but they had plenty of close calls during lesser opponents, and their defense has its share of holes. If this team uses the bye week effectively, which by all accounts the players and staff will, the second half of the season should be a lot of fun to watch unfold.

Devon: 6-0

Why the Fooge not?

Wait, Fooge autocorrects to fooge? That's awesome.

Dan: 5-1

I started out the season predicting a 9-3 record. I didn't think two of those losses would be to Ohio and Virginia, though. I also didn't think that this team would be this good and the rest of the Big Ten would be this bad.

I'm very tempted to say that this team will win out, but a trip to Lincoln and Braxton Miller both scare me. I have a feeling we'll be able to knock off either Nebraska or Ohio State and handle everyone else with ease outside of a toughie with Wisconsin. With that, I'm sticking to my guns. A 5-1 second half will lead a 9-3 season and a trip to....

Oh, right.

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