Success with Hyperlinking Busts A Move

Success with Hyperlinking Busts A Move. It was either this, or MC Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock.

Foosball and Other Sports

Tight Ends, Tight Ends, Tight Ends - Kyle Carter has been named to the Mackey Award list, given to the nation's top tight end.

Workin' On the Night Moves - Penn State's game against the Buckeyes has been officially set for 5:30pm. [Is this for real? 5:30pm? When has a game ever kicked at 5:30pm? Is this like, Mountain Time or something?]

I have an urgent and horrifying news story: John Urschel is good at math. No, really. Actually, he's really good at math. Also, Evan Royster played lacrosse in high school.

By the eighth grade, he had eclipsed any traditional standard applied to so-called smart students. That summer, Urschel Sr. enrolled his son in a calculus class at the University of Buffalo. Urschel listened to the lectures. He did the homework.

"I killed it," he said.

College-aged classmates asked Urschel for help here and there. They didn't think much of it. Urschel looked like them already. He was nearing 6 feet and 200 pounds.

Ice Hockey, Beer and Donuts, Eh? - Penn State's shiny new Division 1A men's hockey team announced its first captain, Tommy Olczyk. Tommy's the son of Eddie Olczyk, who will be going into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Men's Lacrosse Schedule Announced - Check it out right here.

Women's Volleyball - the ladies pounded out two more Big Ten victories over the weekend, and sit as consensus #1 in the country.

Wrestling - It's a bit old, but Penn State's dual vs. Iowa at Carver Hawkeye was moved from Super Bowl Sunday to Friday, February 1st, so that BTN could broadcast it live. Should be electric.

Field Hockey - the #7 field hockey squad smacked #11 Iowa around, 5-1, on Senior Day. #DoWorkChar

Women's Soccer - the #4 women's soccer team kicked the Cornhuskers to the curb, winning 4-2 behind 2 goals and an assist from last year's female athlete of the year, Maya Hayes. The women stand 14 - 2 on the season.

On A Serious Note - Paige Raque, a Penn State cheerleader, fell 39 feet from an off-campus apartment and is in critical condition, but has improved slightly. #PrayForPaige.

Hey - What Are You Guys Writing About?

Land-Grant Holy Land calls itself 'Linebacker U', and then asks why it is actually behaving more like 'Linebacker Ew'? Gentlemen, the answer is simpler than you think. Your original premise is incorrect.

Maize n Brew, because their football team still stinks even though RichRod's been gone for 2 years, is already talking basketball. Here's their preview of our own Nittany Lions.

Perhaps the greatest thing in the world, Texas A&M's cuppycup and LSU's LSUFreek are waging an animated gif war over at Good Bull Hunting. It is spectacular.

Internet Meme Goes Legit - BHGP's AIRBHG got play on ESPN2, and now it's being written and talked about on the local nightly news, and in print. Like, actual journalist newspaper print. Congratulations, fellas. I'm jealous.

Non-Sports News

It's all about jobs - Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, will be swinging by Penn State on October 26th, ostensibly for the purpose of strengthening an already solid relationship between his global conglomerate and the world's greatest university.

Immelt will participate in a moderated discussion on business, leadership and competition, at 3 p.m. in the atrium of the Business Building on campus. The talk, titled "Executive Insights with GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt: Competing for the Future," will be moderated by Charles H. Whiteman, dean of the Smeal College of Business. The limited-seating, hourlong event will be free and open to Penn State students, faculty and staff. To register, visit

This is a job for BSD Wentworth - The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will hear arguments on the Marcellus (Wallace) Shale drilling law today.

Mo Money - Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is throwing $10M over 5 years at Penn State for advanced biofuels research. I think 'advanced biofuels' is codeword for the Mr. Fusion thing we all saw in Back to the Future.

And Mo Money - Designing a Mr. Fusion, and keeping it out of the hands of terrorists while we're at it. The fate of the universe may rest in the hands of John Horgan, Director of Penn State's International Center for the Study of Terrorism. ICST received $1.48M to see what it can figure out in this area.

And Less Money - Standard & Poors, following Moody's lead two weeks ago, has dropped Penn State's credit outlook, citing [take a guess] as the reason.

But then back to Mo Money - National Science Foundation makes it rain by throwing $4.8M at Penn State to continue its NACK Network. It's nanotechnology career development. So, we have to make the Mr. Fusion really, really small. Maybe that's part of the strategy for keeping it out of the hands of terrorists? I don't know.

'Move On'? Did You Just Say 'Move On'? /throws punch, /kicks balls

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