If you're heading to Iowa this coming weekend, take some time to hang out with some chill Hawkeye bros and help out a great cause while doing so.

We all hate Iowa the football team, this is a law as true as the sky is blue.

But Iowa bloggers? Those are probably the chillest bros you will find on the Internet. And they're putting together a shin-dig this Saturday that even Pitbull would be proud of.

There won't be any Dr. Pepper at this party, but there will be beer. And this beer will serve two great purposes.

This Saturday, the crew over at Black Heart Gold Pants will be putting on the first ever AIRBHGAPALOOZA. The event's intentions are two-fold:

1. Drink yourselves under the table as a sacrifice to the all-powerful AIRBHG (Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God, for those unfamiliar) in hopes that he will torment some other walk of life.

2. Raising money for an awesome charity called "Touchdowns For Kids" which provides support to patients at the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital. You can beat the living hell out of an AIRBHG pinata for $1/swing and all proceeds go straight to the charity. As a Penn Stater, I can't think of anything better than taking out years of pent-up aggression because of losses at Kinnick (13 years to be exact) on a pinata and helping out a great children's cause at the same time.

The event will be taking place at Backpocket Brewery and Tap Room in Coralville which is a bit away from the stadium, but still very much on the way. There will be live music, and, oh yeah, beer. And not just any beer. The brewmasters at Backpocket have developed a special AIRBHG Extra Special Bitter just for the occasion.

I talked with Patrick Vint, the BHGP overlord (@HS_BHGP), who assured me that this will be a great event.

Festivities begin at 11 and run until 3 or 4, though I'm going to hang around for a while after that and might just stay at the brewery to watch the game. For those not from here, Backpocket is on the way to the stadium but in no way particularly close to the stadium, so plan accordingly re: tailgating/rides to the game.

He said it was going to be fun later on in the email, I swear.

So if you're heading to Iowa this weekend, I strongly encourage you to stop by and hang out with some of our Big Ten brethren. If you follow any of the Iowa guys on Twitter, you know why sitting down and having a beer or five with them would make for a great day. And you get to help out kids in the process which is awesome. You can find more detailed directions in the links to their stories or if you emailed them, I'm sure they wouldn't give it out to too many spam-bots.

So yeah, go.

ed note: Cari will be there, representing BSD (hopefully, somewhat respectably). Hit her up via email or in the comments if you're trying to make it.

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