Hand the Ball to the Official

When I think about playing IU, a few games come to mind. First, the 1994 game when Penn State was ranked #1 in the country and Paterno pulled the starters. After IU scored two late TD’s, Nebraska jumped Penn State in the polls and never looked back winning an AP National Championship- Robbed does not even begin to describe it. Another game I think of was the 2002 contest when Larry Johnson ran for 327 yards against the Hoosiers. The last game that comes to mind is the goal line stand in 2004. Penn State stopped IU four straight times from the 1 yard line to win in Bloomington, starting the momentum for the 2005 Big Ten Championship. I was in attendance for all three games.

NASCAR package right from the start. Nice.

Zwinak coming out running hard. He reminds me of a former Hoosier back… Alex Smith. Full disclosure, his O-Line is opening up holes big enough to drive Dick Trickle’s car through. NASCAR pon intended.

Allen Robinson is now the all time Penn State record holder in catches. I wonder what OJ McDuffie or Bobby Engram would have done in this offense?

IU moves the ball in a methodical manner similar to Northwestern. They are coming along and have been pretty respectable save the Wisconsin game. Shoutout to my assistant coach, LJ Parker, a former Hoosier receiver from a few years back.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· <!--[endif]-->Mike Mauti is injured after a blatant chop block. It looks bad. He tore his ACL in 2009 and again last year. I’m hoping this is not the third time he tears an ACL as he rolls out of Beaver Stadium on a golf cart. Mauti is a throwback player that Penn State needed more than ever this last season.

4th and 3 on the plus side of the field. Is it even a question? Up to this point, Penn State has already went for it on over thirty 4th downs… McGloin tosses a 26 yard Touchdown to Allen Robinson. Penn State 7, Indiana 0

After a tipped interception, IU takes over on the 27 yard line. Cam Coffman throws a short TD to his Tight End Bolser. Penn State 7, Indiana 10

Allen Robinson takes a short screen the house for a 53 yard TD with a nice spin move. Matt McGloin ties the career record for passing TD’s on the play, and he should thank Robinson for that. Penn State 14, Indiana 13

Can you really get mad at a backup, walk-on for getting beat like he stole something? Yes. Come on, Fagnano.

After an incomplete pass to Nick Stoner in the end zone, IU punches in another field goal. Stoner was recruited out of Center Grove High School in Indiana by Penn State. Penn State 14, Indiana 10.

Earlier in the game, Zwinak was reminding me of Alex Smith. Now he is putting on moves almost Aaron Harris-like. Well, not quite.

Mike Zordich is getting in on the action with a 20 plus yard run, followed up by the third TD catch by Allen Robinson in the first half. Penn State 21, Indiana 13

Matt McGloin is now the all time school leader in career TD passes. Don’t get it twisted, he isn’t in the same conversation as Darryl Clark, Kerry Collins, or Todd Blackledge. However, he has been impressive in his senior campaign. Props to the same guy that message board nerds like Notorious GOB were telling anyone who could read that Rob Bolden was the better signal caller. That is not even laughable, it is disturbing.

Unreal pick by Gerald Hodges. He’ll be playing on Sundays for years to come.

Zack Zwinak gets a TD from a McGloin pass on a wheel route; however, I do not see it as a score. The official review means nothing to me after the Nebraska game last week. Any Purdue basketball fan that watched the Villanova game would concur. Nevertheless, McGloin has 4 Touchdowns in the first half. Cue The Proclaimers. Penn State 28, Indiana 13

The referee signal for loss of down is too much. What genius thought of this? This was my move when I was 13 years old dunking on neighborhood kids on the low goal.

Stephen Houston of IU takes a screen 80 yards to the house. Extra point is no good. Penn State 28, Indiana 19. Seconds later, IU goes for an onside kick and it is recovered by the same dude who missed the extra point.

Not much running room for D’Angelo Roberts. I don’t really feel sorry for him, especially after the chop block on Mauti. I once witnessed Roberts tell his O-Line he didn’t need them while I was running the chains for a Bloomington North game. I knew he was interested in Penn State, and I’m happy they weren’t interested in him. Dude is a punk.

Memo to IU: The bubble screen worked one time, but it will not work again. Signed, the last 3 plays.

A 46 yard field goal for IU after a Zwinak fumble… Penn State 28, Indiana 22

McGloin sets the single season passing record for Penn State. It couldn’t come on a more signature play indicative of this season- 4th and 10.

The O-Line is really controlling this game. McGloin has all day to throw and the RB’s are punishing the first defensive players to hit them: safeties. After two dominant drives, Penn State 42, Indiana 22.

D- Line is killing it. 6 sacks, tons of hurries, and letting the linebackers lay the wood.

I will always love IU’s coach Kevin Wilson for this exchange with Jack Trudeau. I would have done the same thing: For the record, IU put up 31 on Trudeau’s alma mater a few weeks prior.

Coach O’Brien flat out loses it after a sideline interference call on an Adrian Amos interception return. I don’t know who he is upset at, but he is throwing a tantrum. My favorite coaching tantrum of all time: "Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Great grab by the IU receiver Latimer going over the middle and making the catch with one hand. Reminds me of this- except not even close to as impressive. At 3:45 you will see the best catch I’ve ever seen by a Penn State receiver. You will also see the best offense in the history of college football…

Allen Robinson, 10 catches, about 200 yards, and 3 td’s

Penn State Kicker Sam Ficken has made 9 of his last 10 field goals, but his slow start changed the mentality of Penn State. Their attitude on offense, particularly 4th downs, has been a pleasure to watch. Nothing to lose.

Funniest moment of the game- The chain guy staring at Matt McGloin after he accidentally spits in his vicinity. If you haven’t run chains, you have no idea how often you bear the spit of players and coaches. One game when I was running chains, a dude was just spewing dip spit all over the chain clip. Not fun.

J. Leman does a nice job as an on-field analyst. I thought I hated the on-field analyst, but it turns out I just don’t like Tony Siragusa interrupting at his own discretion.

No snaps for Bill Belton by my count. I’m curious.

This one is in the books: Penn State 28, Indiana 13. IU has still never beaten Penn State.

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