Walk-Ons vs. Run-Offs? Who wins the 'Nowicki Award'?

Some folks say they understand why a number of high-profile Nittany Lions bolted when given a chance by The Lunatic Emmert, and hesitate to condemn these fine boys for being scared off...........Not Me.

It is with no small amount of pleasure I compile the results how the PSU 'Run-Off" Squad of 2012 fared in their new environments. On the whole, they expected that slithering down the ropes to shore would land them in situations that would improve their personal and football lives. Let's see where they are at the end of the season. Then, I propose that we have a vote to determine the 'Nowicki Award', given to the player whose decision to leave was the worst of the lot!

Here are the members of The Run-Off Squad, their expectations, and their results.

Silas Redd, USC, left to pursue a national championship with the fabulous Matt Barkley as QB. He now has 138 carries for 740 yards, a 5.4 average, compared with PSU sophmore fullback Zack Zwinak, that's right, Zack Zwinak, having 840 yards! USC is 7-4, (5-4) looking at a loss vs ND tomorrow. Also, I might note that Matt McGloin has been a much-better QB than Barkely, who has 15 INTs this year! I am generally not a vindictive character, but I will be lighting a candle in front of my home-made Play-Dough Touchdown-Jesus Shrine, praying for a Notre Dame Victory tomorrow! Silas, you blew it!

UPDATE: USC loses, finishes 7-5, Redd gets 77 yds, finishes at 817 vs Zwinack 1000 yds!

Justin Brown, Oklahoma, also left to pursue a national championship with the famous Landry Jones as QB. Landry's season was McGloin'esqe, with 3,245 yards and 24 TDs. The trouble is that Justin is not the leading receiver on that 8-2 team which will also not play in the BCS Championship game. He has accumulated 649 yards with only 4 of Landry's 24 touchdowns. PSU Sophomore Alan Robinson has 983 yards with 11 touchdowns, and one more game to play! Thank You Justin Brown, for leading us to Alan. Hope Gate 3 didn't hit you in the rear-end on the way out of Beaver Stadium. Also, Go OK State, Beat the Sooners!

UPDATE: Brown got 156 yds,0TDs in a game with 99 points scored, finishes with 795 yds compared to the 1000 yard season of PSU's Alan Robinson.

Anthony Fera, gets a pass from me. But The Good Lord did not give him, or Texas, one. Injuries limited his ability to play this year. Hope he does well in the future, but the Texas Longhorns (7-3) again not have a chance at the Big 12 Championship and were fun to watch! How does Mack Brown continue to put the most-talented underachieving losers on the field with first-pick on the best talent in the Great State of Texas? Truly an enigma. Horray for TCU Horny Toads!

A lineman named Nowicki ran off to join a 2-9 Illinois stink parade! Talk about decision-making at it's worse. Paraphrasing Dean Wormer "Dumb, and 2-9 is no way to go through life son." Both Nowicki and the Illini are still looking for their first B1G victory since that great acquisition. Here's hoping future PSU teams leave no doubt. This award really should be named for this particular move. We shall see.

UPDATE: Illinois crushed in its last game.

Rob Bolden bolted to LSU! Probably the best team of all of the Run-Off Squad. Which is why this move may even be worse than Nowicki going to Champagne. Rob is listed on the roster, but not the statistics. Probably the best he can do at QB at any BCS school. One wonders where he will end up next!

UPDATE: LSU at 10-2, no sight of Bolden.

Khairi Fortt, Junior Linebacker, CAL. No statistics available on the ESPN website. PSU did not have a problem with depth at Linebacker this year, so his departure was not consequential. Apparently his arrival at CAL has also been not consequential. Redshirting this year.

UPDATE: Cal crushed by Oregon State in final game.

Kevin Haplea, Tight End, Florida State (10-1). Kevin jumped from the BCS team with the highest contribution from it's Tight Ends to a very good Florida State squad, resulting in his accumulating 3 receptions this year. I am not a football genius, but leaving a Bill O'Brien squad as a qualtiy tight end ranks right there at the top of this list as a boner!

UPDATE: Florida beats FSU (10-2)

Tim Buckley, Frosh Safety, NC State (7-5) No Data Available. Not sure what happened here. Who knows, who cares?

There were a number of de-commits from the incoming class of 2012 who never showed up. These will not be counted on the team, although there were a bunch of them.

In my opinion, not one of these moves was a smart one. I am quite sure that the boys in blue at University Park, win or lose tomorrow, will be much more satisfied with their decision to stay, now, and for the rest of their lives.

This "Run-Off Squad" missed the boat, and the opportunity for the Glory that will be laid on the shoulders of our 2012 Penn State Nittany Lion Football Squad for staying the course.

The "Run-Off Squad" will never be considered as Penn Staters to me.

Hare Karma!

Beat the Badgers!

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