Wrestling Wreport: Penn State shuts out Indiana

Cael Sanderson's team starts the B1G season in style - Galen/BSD

Penn State destroys Indiana 52-0.

#1 Penn State 52, Indiana 0
125: #3 Nico Megaludis PSU, WBF Joe Duca IND (4:36) 6-0
133: Jordan Conaway PSU, WBF Quin Murphy IND (4:42) 12-0
141: Bryan Pearsall PSU, WBF Eric Roach IND (4:32) 18-0
149: #5 Andrew Alton PSU, WBF Geno Capezio IND (0:52) 24-0
157: #5 Dylan Alton PSU, 11-6 dec. Taylor Walsh IND 27-0
165: #2 David Taylor PSU, 8-0 maj. dec. #18 Ryan LeBlanc IND 31-0
174: #3 Matt Brown PSU, WBF Cheney Dale IND (6:40) 37-0
184: #1 Ed Ruth PSU, WBF Luke Sheridan IND (1:24) 43-0
197: #3 Quentin Wright PSU won by forfeit 49-0
285: Jon Gingrich PSU, 6-5 dec. #8 Adam Chalfant IND 52-0

Hi, kids. Today's Wrestling Wreport is brought to you by the word "pinfall." It's a big word isn't it? It's ok, you can break it down into the two smaller words "pin" and "fall" and all three words mean the same thing. Want to know what these words mean? I'm glad to show you.

125: #3 Nico Megaludis

This is a fall:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

133: Jordan Conaway

And this is a fall:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

141: Bryan Pearsall

This is also a fall:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

149: #5 Andrew Alton

And this is a fall:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

157: #5 Dylan Alton

c-c-c-combo breaker! Dylan managed to win a 11-6 regular decision over Taylor Walsh. I've watched two dual meets now and Dylan hasn't wrestled well in either of them. I'm not sure if there's something physically wrong with him or if it's all mental, but he looks sluggish. He's slow to react and doesn't have that crisp shot he used to finish third last season. It's still early, but something's amiss with Alton.

165: #2 David Taylor

Taylor won an 8-0 major decision over 18th ranked Ryan LeBlanc. It was the most boring major decision I've ever seen; LeBlanc wanted nothing to do with Taylor and was merely trying to minimize the damage and stay off his back. There was a great deal of blocking and stalling, and it ended up a shutout for Taylor. We can expect more of this as the season wears on, at 165 it's Dake, Taylor, and then everyone else.

174: #3 Matt Brown

Hey, look, it's another pin:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

184: #1 Ed Ruth

and another:


(photo: Galen/BSD)

197: #3 Quentin Wright

and a forfeit.


(photo: Galen/BSD)

285: John Gingrich

Easily the best match of the day was Gingrich and 8th-ranked Adam Chaifant. Gingrich gave up the first takedown, but battled back to score 2 takedowns of his own and post a thrilling 6-5 win. John's first takedown was off a Chaifant shot that Gingrich countered nicely. The winning takedown John initiated and finished late in the 3rd period and held off Chaifant's last ditch efforts.

Completely random and probably unnecessary thoughts


(photo: Galen/BSD)

-Would you look at that? That is the endangered wild stall point seldom seen in college wrestling these days. Completely extinct in the state of Iowa, the wild stall point occurs when two stalls are called in the same match. Isn't it a thing of beauty? All kidding aside, the refereeing was very good, especially considering how bad it can get sometimes. I saw more stall calls (on both sides) than I usually see in an entire season.

-Gingrich may have beaten Chaifant but when Chaifant took off his warm ups I thought Gingrich was done by looks alone. Chaifant is one very large beast of a human being and I would not want to meet up with him in a dark ally sometime.

-Nico's season is like his matches, off to a fast start. He really controls matches and forces his game on opponents. It's going to be really entertaining to see if he can repeat last year's run in the NCAAs.

-Pearsall may not be on his way to a national championship, but he's a very serviceable 141 pounder who can pin lesser opponents. If he can make it to NCAAs this year, he could do some damage for the Nits.

-Indiana really faded in the 3rd period. I'm not sure if that's a sign of coaching or what, but they couldn't match most of Penn State's endurance.

-Welcome back, Andrew Alton, we missed you! The lights in Rec Hall will be well inspected by opposing wrestlers.

-With only three matches going the distance, the dual meet was over in 1 hour and 22 minutes. That has to be a Rec Hall record.

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