Welcome Rutgers to the BIG, and your crazy fans.

I saw this while looking around the Internet. This is an actual comment from a Rutgers fan talking about joining the BIG. I will present it without comment since I don't think that anything I say will enhance this little gem.

My biggest concern going into the B1G, isn't so much whether Rutgers can compete in the B1G, its whether current B1G teams can compete with Rutgers. Our value proposition is second to none and thats why we will soon be the BEST. This is what we offer: - Harvard caliber academics with academic support to ensure that players maximize their chances for success

Our consistently high AP rankings shows that our players are probably some of the hardest working in the country. Rutgers is not an easy school, and there's is no such thing as an easy class at Rutgers as they all require a fair amount of work. Even seemingly classes like Dinosaurs and Man, and Word Power require a good deal of effort. Our expository writing classes are probably among the strongest in the country. Students learn the value of hard work and detail orientation in classes like General Chemistry and Calculus and thats why they have the tools to succeed in the real world.

- Football Facilities, S&C facilities, Living and Dining Hall facilities among best in the country

Sure other schools might have bigger facilities but they sure ain't better. I've been to UF, Miami, VT, USC, Cal, and many others, and I wouldn't trade our facilities for any of em. Our S&C facility has been designed in such a way to ensure that players get the most out of their workouts and also to facilitate proper technique. The food in our dining hall is fantastic. The Busch suites, Easton ave apartments, and George Street Apartments are about as good as college housing can get.

- Proximity to NYC

Very soon we will have the Biggest Stage in the nation. NO one has a bigger local viewing audience. They only reason that Rutgers hasn't received blockbuster ratings is due to the product. Big East football isn't as compelling as what we are going to witness when Rutgers plays Michigan, Ohio state, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

- National Championship Caliber Culture and Work Ethic

F.A.M.I.L.Y is a lot more than forget about me, I love you. Its about hard work, sacrifice, studying rather than playing john madden football, waking up early morning in the middle of a cold Jersey winter, and getting to work, so that you can be the best you can be. After watching a National Championship team train during the year, I am convinced that the most important time for a football team is that lull in action, between January and March, which is where teams get bigger and stronger.

Do you know who the best salesmen of Rutgers football are/were? It wasn't Schiano or Hafley or Flood. It was the Rutgers Football players THEMSELVES. To hear them speak about their Rutgers football experiences and how they've grown from them is a compelling listen.

Rutgers Football is a brotherhood like no other.

- We're going to be READY

Not many B1G teams will be able to compete with our talent, depth, athleticism, experience, and maturity and that is why I expect that we will be well positioned to win the B1G Championship from Day One, because we're going to be prepared like no other Rutgers team.

The last time, we were on a big stage, we just weren't ready to compete, and got blown away by the likes of Miami and VT. I still have nightmares of Michael Vick running roughshod over Rutgers at Lane Stadium in a 50-0 blowout which was only superseded by the 61-0 blowout we endured in Miami. Those days we either did not have enough talent, discipline, coaching, player retention, or the infrastructure for success.

Don't let anyone fool you. Our forthcoming success has been ELEVEN LONG YEARS in the making. It didn't happen overnight, but i've never felt more confident that its going to happen.

In fact, today I feel confident that I can come reasonably close to what our starting 2014 lineup will look like, and thats why we will win B1G in 2014. And that brings up another reason for our forthcoming success, relative stability in the roster. Sure college rosters turn over every year, but we are no longer losing players to attrition.

2014 Rutgers Starting Lineup

Offense QB - Gary Nova, Blake Rankin, Chris Laviano RB - Jawan Jamison, Savon Huggins, Dontea, Ayres FB - Michael Burton, Sam Bergen, TE - Tyler Kroft, Taylor Marini (6-4 227) LT - Kaleb Johnson (6-4 300), JJ Denman (6-6 310) LG - Taj Alexander (6-4 290), Derrick Nelson (6-3 290) C - Betim Bujari (6-4 290), Brandon Arcdiacono (6-4 260) RG - Dorian Miller (6-2, 295), Chris Muller (6-6 315) RT - Ryan Brodie (6-5 300), Keith Lumpkin (6-8 310) WR - Brandon Coleman (6-6 220), Ruhann Peele (6-1 180) WR - Leonte Caroo (6-1 190), Myles Shuler (5-10 175)

Defense DE - Max Issaka (6-3 255), Julian Pinnix-Odrick (6-5 250), DT - Darius Hamilton (6-4 260), Dwany Mera (6-4 260), Marquise Wright (6-3 285), Darryl Stephenson (6-3 285) NT - Jamil Pollard (6-3 280), Al Page (6-2 280), Ken Kirksey (6-2 280), Josh Klecko (6-2 235) DE - Myles Jackson (6-2 235), David Milewski (6-4 245)

SLB - Kevin Snyder (6-3 225), Quinton Gause (6-1 220) MLB - Quanzell Lambert (6-1 230), Lester Liston (6-1 219) WLB - Steve Longa (6-1 220), Nick Internocola (6-3 230)

DB - Tejay Johnson (6-2 190), Gareef Glashen FS - Sheldon Royster (5-11 185), Bryant Gross (6-1 188) SS - Jevon Tyree (5-11 180), [to be named] DB - Nadir Barnwell (6-0 190), Johnathan Aiken (5-11 185)

Given our superior talent level projected for 2014, which will be further enhanced by more recruits, and the opportunity to play in the Best Football Conference, ever devised by Mankind its no longer a question of whether Rutgers will ever be the Best, its How Soon will Rutgers be the best. It won't be very long before we are consistently better than Notre Dame, better than Alabama, and better than USC.

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