This is Tim A, Signing Off (For Now)

In August 2007, I finally took the plunge.

It's hard to say what exactly it was that pushed me over the edge, though. Perhaps it was a result of reading other Penn State blogs at the time such as Run Up The Score (Chris Grovich), Zombie Nation (Mike Pettigano), The Nittany Line (Galen and Nick), There Is No Name On My Jersey (some dude named 'JB' who since fell off the face of the Earth), and Black Shoe Diaries (when it's creator, Mike Hubbell, was running the show), and thinking to myself that I had something to add to the PSU blogosphere. Or maybe it was the fact that I felt like the lone torch-bearer of Penn State fandom at my law school, despite there being several other fellow PSU alums in my 1L (that's the term used for first-year law students) class. Or perhaps, after months of espousing my thoughts on all things Penn State/college football in the 'Notes' section of my Facebook account (remember those things?), I finally decided I needed a slightly larger outlet in which to do so.

Whatever it may have been, it was enough to get me to start up my own Penn State-centric blog and thus, Happy Hour Valley was born. And boy, was it a fun, shiny, new toy to play with. Sure, I was getting maybe ten views a day (if I was lucky) but I was broadcasting my thoughts about Penn State and college football to the Internets, money and recognition be damned! I was now another vigilante in the wild, wild, west that was the Penn State blogosphere at the time. I'm pretty sure there had to have been at least ten different blogs back in the day, and that's likely a very conservative estimate.

Gradually, my number of daily viewers grew (barely three figures, y'all!) and I established connections with the other PSU bloggers. Eventually, at the beginning of 2010, I joined forces with Mike P, Galen, and Nick to form (which was affectionately dubbed 'The Voltron of Penn State Blogs' by Galen), Mike and I started churning mass amounts of 10 Minutes Or Less YouTube videos, we added Jeff, Eric, and some really funny dude from Buffalo named Peter to our writing team. Then in July 2011, when the bombshell dropped that Mike H was stepping down from BSD, we combined forces with Chris, Kevin Powers (then from Slow States), and Devon (then writing for Nittany Whiteout and Onward State) to help carry on the legacy of this great website, and also to try and take it to never before reached heights of content and popularity.

Since the Great Merger of 2011, a couple of the writers who helped make it happen (Chris and Mike P) have stepped aside due to real world problems that made keeping up with the rigors of regularly contributing to a website such as this, virtually impossible. I myself, have also reached this point.

That's right folks, I am stepping down from BSD. You see, there's this giant bitch of a test called the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam that is staring me in the face with an open mouth, revealing its fangs and breathing fire at me, and I must devote my time towards slaying this dragon bitch, time that would otherwise be spent contributing to BSD.

Furthermore, I just really, really, need a break from this whole blogging business. It's come to the point now where every player profile, every game recap, every recruiting commit update that I write feels like an absolute chore, and my creative juices just aren't flowing like they used to. I guess this is what happens when you've been doing this for as long as I have. Stepping away from it all and allowing myself to recharge is probably the best thing for me to do right now. Perhaps visiting the Dalai Lama couldn't hurt, either (actually, I may not even have to travel that far to find him).

I will continue to be active on Twitter (because let's face it, it doesn't take a whole lot of precious time out of one's day to express their thoughts in 140 characters or less), so if you aren't already, follow me @happyhourvalley and let's keep in touch. I will also try and pop up in the comments sections from time-to-time (particularly in the hoops-related ones because science knows, Eric and Chad could use some company).

Finally, I just want to give a heartfelt 'thanks' to all of you who have read and left comments (positive or negative) in my posts, whether you've followed me since my blogging infancy or only began noticing me after I joined BSD. You folks are the best. I'm sure I will be back blogging someday, somehow, but for now I must bid adieu.

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