Bret Bielema Going to the SEC is No Big Deal...Here's Why

I’m incredibly tired of the BIG10 bashing in the sports media these days. It’s a down year, we can’t beat MAC teams, we now lost Bielema to Arkansas…

And apparently that's a HUGE deal. Just another blow to the already beaten down Big Ten (they lost to MAC teams you know...).

However, there is credible data to suggest that this is an average year for our division, with an above average amount of critics. And yes, I’m still sore about the ass-roasting Penn State received at the hands of these buffoons.

I think all this smoke about Bielema is just another case of "monkey see, monkey do" writing…I hesitate to call this journalism because, like the NCAA, the majority of these clowns don’t do their own research. They just summarize what somebody else wrote and pontificate from there.

But let’s stick to the point…how is losing Bret "We Made Him Cry" Bielema such a big blow to the Big Ten?

In seven years in the league (2006 to 2012) he only won the Big Ten Title twice. He was 2 – 4 in bowl games. He never won a national championship. While we didn’t own him, we are 7-9 all-time against Bielema’s boys.

He’s certainly no offensive genius. His M.O. has always been, my offensive line is twice the size of your defense. And we’ll use these hogs to run the ball down your gullet. That's only been mildly successful, as his bowl record indicates.

I would argue (this is open to debate), that his best years were on Barry Alvarez’ recruits.

Now let’s compare that to the guy who came to the Big Ten from the vaunted SEC…Urban Meyer. Oh what’s that you say? You already forgot about Meyer coming from the SEC to the Big Ten? Well let me refresh your memory…

Regardless of how you and I feel about him, Urbz is a hell of a coach. In his two years at Utah he owned the Mountain West conference. He was 22-2 in those two years with two bowl wins. He finished the 2004 season with the Utes ranked 5th in the coaches poll, 4th in the AP poll. Okay, it was the Mountain West…but he was at Florida for six years, so let’s put just his Florida coaching stats head to head with Bert’s seven seasons with Wiscy:


Bret Bielema

Urban Meyer


68 - 24


Conference Championships



Bowl Record



National Championships



Top Ten Rankings (end of year)

2 (coaches)/3 (AP)

3 (coaches)/3 (AP)

Sorry, Urban Meyer is a better football coach. And he left the SEC…for the Big Ten. And there’s this other guy, who left the plum job of all plum jobs coaching Tom Brady, to come to the Big Ten and coach. And I like him…a lot.

So, once again, I think this is much more about perpetuating an E$PN narrative than actual fact. Bret Bielema is a mediocre football coach who took the lure of money from Arkansas. This is a whole lot less about a great coach fleeing the Big Ten than about a dumb decision that Bielema will certainly live to regret.

Success With Honor,


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