Success With Hyperlinking Is PROBLEM?


Cooler Poopers! Cleveland Scene attempts to gain understanding as to the psyche of that most perplexing of wildlife: The Bucknut:

Now an acclaimed analyst on ESPN's GameDay, Herbstreit sits in the penthouse of college football broadcasting: the smooth-talking nice guy called upon to handle the network's biggest games. But along with that job goes a need to speak objectively. When he believes his alma mater is overmatched, he says so. When their coach screws up mightily, he calls for his resignation.

Of course, Buckeye douchebags have no use for such genuine expression. And so they abuse Herbstreit at the slightest provocation.

"Five times a day, there would be a car parked at a stop sign, people knocked on the door, they'd ask for autographs at the front door, they'd drive by real slow, 12:30 at night," Herbstreit told the sports blog Outkick the Coverage last November, referring to the mobs that would form outside his Columbus home. "I was getting up in the middle of the night to see cars outside in the street. I had no idea what they were doing there. The thought that in this crazy world we live in, somebody's driving by your house five times a day or more, that starts to work on you emotionally. But we dealt with that for four or five years."

SuePa, Doin' (Charity) Work. Fight On State catches up with Sue Paterno's ongoing charitable activities:

One of their benefactors has been Centre Volunteers in Medicine, which provides free health and dental care for uninsured adults and children in central Pennsylvania.

Sue Paterno attended a CVIM media function at Penn State's Multisport Facility Thursday afternoon and talked to reporters for the first time since her husband died. She became emotional upon learning CVIM is dedicating a key annual fundraising event to Joe Paterno.

"To be honest, they didn't tell me that," she said. "But it means a lot to me because he really is still here. It's not real yet. And we're doing what he would want us to do. You have to know how proud he was of everything people in this town did -- on a volunteer basis -- to help others.

"We're a blessed community," she added. Then she paused, took a deep breath and closed her eyes to fight back tears. She looked straight up before another speaker realized she was struggling and began talking.

Also Receiving Votes. An update on Penn State's future hockey stars. This hardly seems fair. Devon Still impressed at PSU's pro day. Former PSU head basketball coach died this week at 81.

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