Wrestling Session IV

About a half hour away from session 4 our the NCAA tournament. With this morning's incredible session Penn State has put themselves in the drivers seat for the team title. But there is still work to be done. Both Iowa and Cornell still have potential to put up quite a few points.

Matchups for this round
125: Nico Megaludis vs Frank Perrelli
Perrelli has beaten Megaludis twice this year, just like Sanders. I think there is no question if you look at the tournament to this point Megaludis is wrestling better of the two. But this is certainly a tough match, and a win for Perrelli would give Cornell as good shot at 4 finalists.

149: Frank Molinaro vs Justin Accordino
Accordino is unseeded and he is having an incredible tournament. Including a pin in the 2nd round and a major in the quarters. That being said Frank should be a heavy favorite in this bout. But this is a potential trap match for Penn State Accordino has all the looks of a senior on a mission. Accordino has a win over Molinaro as a freshman.

165: David Taylor vs Bezkod Abdurakhmono
Bezkod is a great wrestler but it really shouldn't matter I don't see anyone beating Taylor in this tournament. One possible intrigue here is that Bezkod is now coach by Dernlan and Letters, Letters should be really familiar with Taylor so at least they'll have a good scouting report.

174: Ed Ruth vs Logan Storley
A rematch of the Big Ten title match, Ruth should win this one fairly easily as Storley didn't challenge him much at all in the Big Ten finals. In the other semi you have Amuchaestagi against Perry from what I've seen I expect Amuch to win comfortably setting up the rematch many fans have been eager to see.

184: Quentin Wright vs Robert Hamlin
A rematch of last years NCAA title obviously won by Wright, but Hamlin did beat Wright in the dual earlier this year. This is a winnable match for Wright but certainly a toss up if anything Penn State a slight underdog. Should be a great match.

Rd of 12 matches
These matches are huge as a win here nets you All American honors.

157 Dylan Alton vs Josh Kreimier
I have to be honest I'm not familiar with Kreimier from Air Force, he's 23 - 14 on the year. He got pinned by Dake in the second round and has wrestled all the way back from there. I did some digging and found he didn't place in the Cliff Keen Tournament early in the season, he was also pinned by Peppleman of Harvard in 30 seconds. He finished 3rd in the West Regional via an overtime win to qualify for NCAAs. It seems Alton should be a heavy favorite in this match but at this point there are no gimmies he has to come to wrestle.

Hwt Cameron Wade vs Nick Gwiazdowski
I swear these are some of the longest wrestling names ever. Another name I'm not too familiar with. Nick got majored in the 1st round by Nelson. He has wrestled picking up a pin and a major along the way. He's a freshman and was intermat's top rated heavyweight recruit(according to Binghamton's website). He seems like he will be a solid tough opponent for Wade. Again Wade should be the favorite, but this may not be easy.

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