wrestling update

So the semis went well. Oh, they went really well. Yeah.

125: Megaludis lost to Sanders. That was to be expected.

149: Frank crushed Loupochanski.

157: Alton lost in overtime to St. John in a tossup match.

165: Taylor won. I don't even remembered who he wrestled. It's Taylor, so what does it matter? You know what to expect.

174: Ruth struggled early against Heflin, but turned on the gas for a major.

184: Oh, Quentin. Such terrible wrestling today. He struggled badly against Dallago in the quarters and was just awful against Ihnen. Really, he deserved to lose with that effort.

197: Oh, freshmen. McIntosh once again had a higher ranked wrestler (Powless) on the ropes and once again gave up a boneheaded takedown in the last seconds to lose. Someone get that man a redshirt!

HWT: Wade lost 5-0 to Telford. He got reversed twice. This was sad, very sad. Let's not talk about it anymore.

Ok, so now what?

Well, after one day of wrestling, here are the overall scores for teams who still have a mathematical chance (though Illinois and brutus are pretty ridiculous long shots):

Team Standings
Team Score Max
Minnesota 117 181
Iowa 112.5 165.5
Penn State 111 177.5
Illinois 81.5 144.5
Ohio State 76 130.5

Remaining matches for PSU wrestlers:

125: Nico's got Mele in the wrestlebacks for 3rd place. He beat Mele earlier this year. Presuming a win, he'll face the winner of Camden Eppert vs. Jesse Delgado, which will probably be Delgado. I like Nico's chances against Delgado, but, in any event, Nico shouldn't do worse than 4th place. Predicted PSU finish: 3rd place.

133: Frank Martellotti has one bout left for 7th place against Ridge Kiley of Nebraska. Kiley beat Frank earlier this year, and though it was reasonably close, I don't think he'll avenge the loss. Predicted PSU finish: 8th.

141: Pearsall's got Brandon Nelson of Purdue for the 7th place match. Predicted PSU finish: 7th.

149: Molinaro faces Ness of Minnesota. Molinaro majored Ness back in November, but this will probably be a regular. Predicted PSU finish: 1st.

157: Alton will start off in the consies with Josh Demas of brutus. Alton handled him well back in the dual and he should win this one. Then he'll face either Anthony Jones of Sparty or James Green of Nebraska (probably the latter). If it's Green, well, that'll be a great toss up, but I suspect that Alton will win again. Predicted PSU finish: 3rd.

165: Taylor's got Mike Evans of Iowa for the title. Should be a regular decision win for him. Predicted PSU finish: 1st.

174: Ed Ruth has Logan Storley. Ruth is definitely a step above the freshman Storley, but the young Gopher is talented and smart enough to keep it close. Predicted PSU finish: 1st.

184: Quentin, who's on the naughty list after that performance, will wrestle Ian Hinton of Sparty, whom he soundly defeated earlier this year. Then it's either Dallago again or Grant Gambrall of Iowa. Unless Q is sick or something, he should recover. Predicted PSU finish: 3rd

197: This one's hard to write because McIntosh really ought to be in the finals, but, alas, true freshmen often do stupid stuff. He'll start off with the one seed, Sonny Yawn, who choked on apple sauce in the quarters earlier today. Yawn beat McIntosh once this year when - does this sound familiar - Mac gave up a late takedown. Presuming Mac wins, he would then face A.J. Kissel or Andrew Campolattano. He is better than both wrestlers. It probably won't matter. Predicted PSU finish: 5th.

HWT: Wade did great work for PSU in the consies last year and he has an excellent chance again. First is Adam Chalfant of Indiana. A win there and then it'd be McMullan of jNW or Vukobratovich or Purdue. I think Wade will get 3rd and I think he'll get bonus points along the way. Predicted PSU finish: 3rd.

Now, as for Iowa and Minnesota:

125: Iowa's McDonough vs. Minnesota's Sanders in the finals. McD totally owns Sanders. Prediction: IA 1st, MN 2nd.

133: Iowa's Ramos has Ohio's Logan Stieber in the finals. I think Ramos will win, but it would be a slight upset. Minnesota's Dardanes is in the consies, starting with Futrell of Illinois, whom he lost to earlier this season. Prediction: IA 1st, MN 5th

141: Marion of IA vs. Russell of Michigan in the finals. That will be something a toss up, but I have to hope Russell will win. He is the defending champ and he is the favorite. Minnesota's other Dardanes, if gets past Thomas of Illinois, will probably wrestle Hunter Stieber of Ohio State for 3rd. Stieber won 2-0 in their lone match this year. Prediction: IA 2nd, MN 4th

149: Kelly of Iowa is done. Prediction: IA DNP, MN 2nd

157: St. John will wrestle Jason Welch. He owns Welch, though not to the extent of McD and Sanders. Should be a close match though, as DSJ's offense isn't totally back yet. Minny's Zilverberg is done. Prediction: IA 1st, MN DNP

165: Evans of Iowa has an easy match in the finals against David Taylor. Minnesota's Cody Yohn will compete with Conrad Polz. If he wins (he won't, I think), he'll wrestle Harger of NW or, more likely, Kokesh of Nebraska. Prediction: IA 2nd, MN 5th

174: Storley of Minny will lose to Ed Ruth in the finals. Lofthouse of Iowa will be the favorite in all of his consy matches and he should win. Prediction: IA 3rd, MN 2nd

184: Steinhaus wrestles Ihnen in the finals. The two wrestled a great, close match last month and this one should be a toss up. I'm betting on Steinhaus though. Gambrall of Iowa should wrestle Q for 3rd. Prediction: IA 4th, MN 1st

197: Wagner of Iowa is done. Meanwhile, if Sonny Yohn of Minny beats McIntosh, he will wrestle Campolattano or Kissel. Yohn's a pansy, man, but he'll probably get 3rd. Yuck. Although, the more I think about it, the more I think Mac has a good chance against Yohn. I hope so. Prediction: IA DNP, MN 3rd

HWT: Nelson of Minnesota will wrestle for the conference title against Iowa's Telford. Prediction: IA 2nd, MN 1st

Now, I'm not about to calculate what the points would look like from my predictions. I'll collect some of the info I just posted (This post was shoddily written, but I was groggy, and I'm not revising it now) below and then I'm going to bed. Feel free to do your own calculations. Gonna be a close race tomorrow and let's remember that PSU was trailing at this point last year. With my predictions, and without having looked at how the scoring would work, I'm assuming that Iowa would win by a close margin, with PSU 2nd, and Minnesota 3rd. Have fun, everyone.

And, ugh, go Logan Stieber. You little punk.

PSU predicted finishes from bottom weight to top: 3rd, 8th, 7th, 1st, 3rd, 1st, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 3rd.

IA predicted finishes: 1st, 1st, 2nd, DNP (already done), 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, DNP (already done), 2nd

MN predicted finishes: 2nd, 5th, 4th, 2nd, DNP (already done), 5th, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, 1st

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