Success With Hyperlinking's Breakdown

Earl Scruggs Breakdown (via Gatorrock787)

Actual Penn State Football News. Victory Bell Rings has practice updates from day one and day two. Also, Tim from VBR is now providing recruiting updates for PennLive, so look for that. Donnie Collins also provides a practice update. Here's an Akeel Lynch Q&A. Memorial For Joe DVD's are now on sale, with proceeds going to Pennsylvania Special Olympics. Finally, our old buddy Ben talked to national recruiting expert Mike Farrell about the BOBsled's early successes:

“What made Penn State good hasn’t changed.” Farrell said. “The locker room hasn’t changed the fans, the stadium, the history and tradition hasn’t changed. I didn’t think it would be this quick and immediate, but I knew Penn State would be better off with an active head coach. People don’t understand the limitations the staff was working with since around 2006 or so.

"When kids took visits to campus they limited the amount of time they spent with Joe. He wasn’t the kind of guy you could bring out and say ‘he’ll be your coach for the next five years’, Bill O’Brien is a guy you can trot out front and center and say ‘Hey, this is our guy.’

"It’s less about getting him off campus and more about the experience kids have when they visit on campus.”

Nobody Reads The Fanposts. But if you do, you'll see Jeff's instant recruiting update and get a feel for how strange and territorial the world of premium recruiting sites can be, evidenced by an agreement between reporter and recruit to break EXCLUSIVE(!) news about a recruiting visit. Not a commitment, a visit.

The Coast Is Never Clear. Especially when you're an Iowa running back. Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God (AIRBHG) is always lurking, waiting to strike down any Hawkeye ball carrier with any shot at significant playing time. This year's first victim? Jordan Canzeri. Oh, and in case you're into this sort of thing, Wrestlemania is Sunday. BHGP has their annual WM podcast to get you ready.

Have Fun With That, Guys. Pitt season ticket holders! Both of you! Enjoy your 35-point home loss to Virginia Tech and the creeping flow of chum that follows at Heinz Field. (Still a fan of Pitt Script, though.)

Your Technological World Frightens And Confuses Me. Purdue Coach Danny Hope, showing off his vast Twitter knowledge. It's a series of tubes! With a mustache!

My Vote: Handstand. Chris Brown at Smart Football has to come up with weird crap in the offseason too, you know. Here's his analysis of the proper stance for a wide receiver.

It's Hard Out Here For A Coach. Oh, Al Golden. Really. Really.

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