Junny’s post rekindled the OMG STARZ! vs. NO STAR debate. This fan post will settle the debate permanently – if fan posts were read.

For Buckeyes who can't work links, and those with mere seconds to spend on this stupid fan post:

Recruiting stars do matter.

Now - let’s argue the definition of ‘matter’ after the jump.

Let’s get some the basics out of the way:

>Recruiting ranks are/were from ESPN, whatever their source may have been at the time. I add that stipulation because I think they republished Tom Lemming at one point, and then moved to ‘Scouts’, or ESPN Scouts – whatever.

>I cut the annual lists down to the Top 25 per year. Are they all 5*? Some 4*? I don’t know. But I can say they represent the Top 25 per year, as ordered by whoever gave the info to ESPN.

>The far right columns display the draft year, round and overall selection # of the recruit in question. I’m quite confident in the accuracy of those where shown, though I could have missed someone being drafted (name change, school change – the internets have limits).

So....anyone remember the #1 overall recruit from 1996?

If you had Tim Couch, you are correct. The class headliner became an overall #1 selection of the Cleveland Clowns, despite the fact he never had a college playbook. Damn if he didn't have a whale of a bowl game against PSU, though. That boy could sling it.


Rank Name Position State School DraftYear Round Selection
1 Tim Couch QB KY Kentucky 1999 1 1
2 Travis Claridge OL WA USC 2000 2 37
3 Brad Williams DL CA Notre Dame UFA
4 Darryl Owens LB MS Florida UFA
5 Joe Dawkins DB NJ Penn State UFA
6 DeAngelo Evans RB KS Nebraska other injuries
7 Mike Burden ATH IL Ohio State other dropout
8 Jefferson Kelly OL OH Ohio State 1999 6 198
9 Stan Guyness WR CA USC UFA
10 Eric Jefferson DL LA Illinois other legal
11 Andy Katzenmoyer LB OH Ohio State 1999 1 28
12 Dan O'Leary TE OH Notre Dame 2001 6 195
13 Courtney Brown DL SC Penn State 2000 1 1
14 Durrell Price RB CA UCLA UFA
15 Kenneth Davis WR TX Houston ?
16 Earl Haniford QB IN Indiana ?
17 Dwayne Goodrich DB IL Tennessee 2000 2 49
18 Billy Brann OL MO Iowa ?
19 Quinton Spotwood WR NJ Syracuse UFA
20 Brandon Daniels ATH OK Oklahoma UFA
21 Robaire Smith DL MI Michigan St 2000 6 197
22 Chris Claiborne LB CA USC 1999 1 9
23 Patrick Pass RB GA Georgia 2000 7 239
24 Brad Barnes OL VA Virginia UFA
25 Daymon Carroll ATH PA Florida UFA track

Ten of the 25 were drafted - that's 40%, for any Buckeye readers. Obviously, that alone is far better than your total star-neutral population average.

But so what? If I'm a STARZ hater, I'd tell you that the NFL draft is a flawed indicator. Tom Brady was 199th overall, Jamarcus Russell was 1st, and Wes Welker was undrafted for fuck sakes.

Well, I agree with that anti-STARZ argument to a certain extent. The NFL Draft is talent acquisition - human talent acquisition. And that is bound to be inexact. Tom Brady, Wes Welker, blah blah. I concede.

What are we really trying to define by introducing draft status, though? We’re trying to shortcut deciding whether the recruit made a positive impact on the program. Why else would any of us give a shit about recruiting, other than seeking a positive impact for Dear Old State, amiright? And we’re shortcutting it because – do you remember Daymon Carroll? Me either*.

*Thanks to the interwebs, I found out Daymon was called ‘Bo’ while in the Florida Gators’ backfield – but was better known for his 10.17 100-meter dash speed. SEC Speed!!!!! (via Pennsylvania).

Let's at least agree on two facts about the NFL draft: 1) Top 100 selections have played games for their college team; and 2) those selections have, to at least one NFL executive, demonstrated superior athletic talent and/or collegiate production. In most cases of the top 100, they’ve shown both superior talent AND production – Russell won a national championship, afterall.

So with a Top 100 as a cutoff criteria for determining impact – we still get 6 out of 25. (24% for Buckeyes).

Or in other words – that’s pretty friggin’ good. But wait, there's more!

1997 - STARZ Haters gonna Hate

1 David Warren DL TX Florida St UFA
2 Randy Fasani QB CA Stanford 2002 5 137
3 Travis Minor RB LA Florida St 2001 3 85
4 LaVar Arrington ATH PA Penn State 2000 1 2
5 Deon Grant DB GA Tennessee 2000 2 57
6 Jamal Reynolds DL SC Florida St 2001 1 10
7 Tony Driver RB KY Notre Dame 2001 6 178
8 Rohan Davey QB FL LSU 2002 4 117
9 Derrick Gibson DB FL Florida St 2001 1 28
10 Kareem McKenzie OL NJ Penn State 2001 3 79
11 Jasper Sanks RB GA Georgia UFA
12 Andre Carter DL CA California 2001 1 7
13 Cedric Cormier ATH TX Colorado UFA
14 Kenny Kelly QB FL Miami UFA
15 Kyle Vanden Bosch LB IA Nebraska 2001 2 34
16 Alvin Morrow TE MO Florida St UFA
17 Ron Graham LB PA Penn State UFA
18 Julius McMillan ATH OK Kansas St UFA
19 Jamal Lewis RB GA Tennessee 2000 1 5
20 Kurt Vollers OL CA Notre Dame UFA
21 James Boyd DB VA Penn State 2001 3 94
22 Sam Matthews DL FL Alabama UFA
23 Alex Brown DE FL Florida 2002 4 104
24 Brian Scott WR SC South Carolina UFA
25 Stanford Simmons DB AL Auburn UFA

Can you believe it! In 1996 PSU had 2 of the top 25, and in 1997 PSU grabbed 4 more!!

Back to the topic at hand. Buckeyes will run out of fingers counting the number of recruits drafted from 1997's top 25 (there were 14). Nine of those 14 were top 100 selections.

Jasper Sanks was NOT drafted - but I remember him being a stud before he blew out his knee. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that one.

Kenny Kelly caused me personal heartache for one night in 1999 before Chafie Fields made me believe in God again. FR James Boyd hit a kid returning a kick so hard I thought he fired a handgun into his face, Boy Scout style.


1 Ronald Curry QB VA North Carolina 2002 7 235
2 Dennis Johnson DL KY Kentucky 2002 3 98
3 Robert Thomas LB CA UCLA 2002 1 31
4 Justin Fargas RB CA Michigan 2003 3 96
5 Matt Holliday QB OK Oklahoma St UFA
6 John Henderson DL TN Tennessee 2002 1 9
7 Marquise Walker WR NY Michigan 2002 3 86
8 Kendrick Allen DL LA LSU UFA
9 Mike Pearson OL FL Florida 2002 2 40
10 Chris Hope DB SC Florida St 2002 3 94
11 Drew Henson QB MI Michigan 2003 6 192
12 Robert Cromartie DB GA Florida UFA
13 David Terrell WR VA Michigan 2001 1 8
14 Mike Saffer OL AZ UCLA UFA
15 Shammar Finney LB NC Penn State UFA
16 Kenny Peterson DL OH Ohio State 2003 3 79
17 Montrell Flowers WR TX Texas UFA
18 Brett Williams OL FL Florida St 2003 4 113
19 Jon Stinchcomb OL GA Georgia 2003 2 37
20 Eddie Drummond RB WV Penn State UFA
21 Carlos P.-Antoine LB WA Notre Dame UFA
22 Jason Thomas QB CA USC UFA
23 Julius Peppers Ath NC North Carolina 2002 1 2
24 Ryan Pickett DL FL Ohio State 2001 1 29
25 Bernard Jackson LB KY Tennessee UFA

15 of 25 drafted - 60% you stupid fucking Columbus assholes. 12 in the top 100.

For the record, I thought Drew Henson was a certified stud at QB. And I was right, until the NY Yankees gave him a boat load of cash.


1 Chris Simms QB NJ Texas 2003 3 97
2 T.J. Duckett LB MI Michigan St 2002 1 18
3 Jason Geathers Ath FL Miami UFA
4 Chris Massey QB OK Oklahoma St 2002 7 243
5 Gerome Sapp DB TX Notre Dame 2003 6 182
6 Darnell Dockett DL MD Florida St 2004 3 64
7 Bernard Riley DL CA USC UFA
8 Reggie Brown WR GA Georgia 2005 2 35
9 Lito Sheppard DB FL Florida 2002 1 26
10 Dontae Walker RB MS Mississippi St UFA
11 David Paine DL TN Alabama UFA
12 Mike Waddell DB NC North Carolina 2004 4 124
13 Eric Edwards TE LA LSU UFA
14 Al. Haynesworth DL SC Tennessee 2002 1 15
15 Nick Maddox RB NC Florida St UFA
16 William Green FB NJ Boston College 2002 1 16
17 Cory Redding LB TX Texas 2003 3 66
18 Durrell Robinson WR SC Georgia UFA
19 Mike Seidman TE CA UCLA 2003 3 76
20 Paul Arnold RB WA Washington UFA
21 J.P. Losman QB CA UCLA 2004 1 22
22 Darrell Rideaux DB CA USC UFA
23 Andre Johnson WR FL Miami 2003 1 3
24 Curtis Crosby DB OH Ohio State UFA
25 Vernon Carey OL FL Miami 2004 1 19

I'd quit mocking Buckeyes if I wasn't using tables in this post. Tables resemble pictures, and that's the only way a Buckeye would make it this far in a post, so....15 of 25 (60%) drafted; 12 of 25 in the top 100.

2000 - one last year to review (because 5 seems rounder than 4)

1 D.J. Williams LB CA Miami 2004 1 17
2 Brock Berlin QB LA Florida UFA
3 B.J. Johnson WR TX Texas UFA
4 Charles Rogers WR MI Michigan St 2003 1 2
5 Marcus Houston RB CO Colorado UFA
6 Johnnie Morant WR NJ Syracuse 2004 5 134
7 Roy Williams WR TX Texas 2004 1 7
8 O.J. Owens S NC Tennessee UFA
9 Travis Johnson DL CA Florida St 2005 1 16
10 Antonio Hall OL OH Kentucky UFA
11 Bryant McFadden CB FL Florida St 2005 2 62
12 Sam Maldonado RB NY Ohio State UFA
13 Kwame Harris OL DE Stanford 2003 1 26
14 Darrell Lee LB MO Florida UFA
15 Willis McGahee RB FL Miami 2003 1 23
16 Albert Means DL TN Alabama UFA
17 Michael Munoz OL OH Tennessee UFA
18 Yohance Buchanan S GA Florida St UFA
19 Corey Bailey CB FL Florida UFA
20 Lawrence Richardson CB TX Arkansas UFA
21 Albert Hollis RB CA Georgia UFA
22 Eric Moore LB FL Florida St UFA
23 Mac Tyler DL AL Alabama UFA
24 Terrell Suggs TE AZ Arizona St 2003 1 10
25 Jeff Smoker QB PA Michigan St 2004 6 201

Ah, yeah. Not quite as good as prior years. But this class does give us Sam Maldonado - for the love of God, use the interwebs to google his name.

Starz matter because the Starz-makers are telling us who runs faster, jumps higher, and lifts a shit ton of weight, all while being extraordinarily large. These are generally qualities you seek.

Starz-makers aren't evaluating whether Jeff Smoker likes to drink, Albert Means can read, or DeAngelo Evans' knee and attitude will hold up. But - apparently all 3 could run faster, jump higher, and lift a shit ton of weight while being extraordinarily large.

Moar Starz, Junny.

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