The Spring Game, Recapped (By yours truly)

Attendance was announced at 60,000. I'd bet there were at least a few thousand more outside, mostly students.

CJ Olaniyan had 3 sacks, 2 from the weakside and 1 from the stronside. The two from the weak side were B2B, one coming off of a poorly executed play fake

Deion Barnes looked very, very good rushing the pasher, recording 1 sack vs Adam Gress. He also got good pressure vs Donovan Smith from the strong side

Adam Gress overall looked pretty good, but I think he could struggle vs speed rushers. Not many plays were ran to his side

Most of the rushing plays were ran off of the right side. I didn't see any pitches.

Bill Belton was very, very shitfy. I wouldn't be remotely surprised to see him steal carries from Redd. He was able to run through tacklers as well as avoid them.

Brian Irvin and Matt Lehman, two unheard of TE's, played a lot, as did Gilliam. Haplea barely played

Kersey got hurt, and was on the sidelines with a bunch of trainers. He eventually came back onto the field

The interior line looked very good at times, and at times pretty bad. Dieffenbach struggled with James Terry bull rushing him because terry had a good 30 pounds on him.

Matt Zanellato had a Z tattooed on his arm

Bolden tossed two picks, although on one Zordich slipped and Jordan Hill picked him off. The other he was hit and someone intercepted him. Amos picked off a high sailing deep pass. He was very poor at short throws, but lead on good drive. His first two drive were horrid. His third was pretty good.

McGloin can run the offense fast, but still struggles with throws the flats. He also had a poor deep throw to open the game. But he can run the offense, and hit good short-intermediate throws. After his first drive went poorly, he began to really run the offense at a good clip

PJ is very, very mobile, and that'll help extend plays. He had a lot of good plays working the the 3rd team offense, and made some very good deep throws off of extended plays. He had one really nice throw to kersey off of an extended play. Alas, he didn't make too many good throws the from the pocket, given, he barely had much time back there. His one interception came from a poorly thrown deep pass that floated too high. His one TD pass at the end did come from the pocket though. BOB was out there joking around with Paul a lot, and after a really nice throw, Paul went over and spanked BOB (Sexayyyyy). They seemed to get along quite well. BOB seemed to pay the most attention to Paul out of all the QB's. Paul seems to be a very upbeat person on the field, and had the most "personality" of all the QB's. PJ did overthrow a wide open Gilliam in the EZ on a corner route, and also overthrew an open Allen Robinson on a deep pass where he had gotten behind Amos & Willis. He also underthrew Kuntz one time across the middle, and then one a very athletic play by PJ he barely overthrew Kuntz again.

Working with the first team WR's and the rest scout, vs the first team secondary and the rest scout, Shane McGregor lead a very good drive, the first real drive.

There seemed to be a lot of "explosive plays" (Going off of the scoring system). There were also a lot of bone headed plays

The secondary, specifically Amos, played well.

Nate Cadogan did not play well, often giving up pressure.

Curtis Dukes played some on ST's, but didn't play at RB.

TJ Rhattigan got injured early on

Allen Robinson played really well, he's who I was very impressed with. He had a lot of YAC, and really seems to be next in line to Brown. He should definitely see PT. Very impressed by him.

On one interception by Matt, Justin Brown slipped. I wouldn't rail on Matt for that one interception.

Silas, Hill, Hodges & Brown barely played. Hodges didn't seem to do much, given, not many plays went his way. If he turned around on one PJ throw, he could've had a pick.

ST coverage could improve.

Throws across the middle of the field. This is new. And welcome.

Overall, the defense beat the offense 70 something to 60 something. It seems like half of the offenses points came from PJ, though that's just my opinion.

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