Coaches Caravan in DC or Pat Chambers Man Crush Confirmed

I took in the PSU Coaches Caravan in DC last night and came away with all the warm fuzzies and Blue/White hysteria they could possibly have hoped for... and a super man-crush on Coach Chambers.

I got lucky enough to get to meet and spend a little time with all the coaches before the event and every one of them was impressive. Coach O'Brien, a Coors Lite man by the way, was genuine, passionate and came off as a really down to earth normal kind of guy who was happy to get the opportunity to meet the people, press the flesh and talk about his vision for the program. If Coach Paterno was a man you wanted to have an audience with, Coach BoB is a guy you want to have a beer with and just watch the game and shoot the sh$t. I think that after meeting the man in person I've gone from cautiously optimistic to excited antici...

wait for it...


Coach St. Pierre (golf) and Coach Sullivan (T&F) were spectacular and really great ambassadors for their sports. They were engaging and excited and full of interesting information about how things work in the 'smaller side' of psu sports. Did you know Coach Sullivan is one of only 5 women coaching Men in college sports? Did you know that Coach St. Pierre hosts luches for all the coaches at the golf course? Did you know that you can now target your NLC donations to a specific sport? Tons of great info, great conversation and a true honor to meet and spend time with two coaches who embody what being a Nittany Lion is all about.

And then there was Coach Chambers... He certainly stole the show for me. I've loved the energy he has brought to campus and the way his team played through a tough transition year. I started off with a pretty positive impression and he turned the dial up to 11. He put on a charm offensive. Funny, self-deprecating, HIGH ENERGY - I would have sold him my son in a second and he's only 3 with, I can assume, no genetic predispostion to basketball success. He spoke glowingly of his current team but seemed just as genuinly interested in us and why Penn State mattered in our lives. And he never stopped selling - come to games, come to state college, its only 3 hours from here, come on you can do it. He sold me - I'll definitely make it up for a game next season. I think that he would go door to door from Brookville to Harrisburg to fill that gym if he had the time - heck he might have enough energy to split himself into little mini-Chambers and do just that. Support this man. Support this team. Make it impossible for him to leave and give him the atmosphere and tools to really build something in State College of which we can all be proud.

All in all - a great event. Go check it out if you can. Besides the coaches there were some great representatives there from the alumni association and the NLC who were really gracious and engaging. Just a super evening of blue kool-aid drinking and fun.

And sometimes we need that.

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