Amendola interview on SiriusXM

Caught the last 5-10 or so minutes of Joe Amendola being interviewed on Evan and Phillips in the morning on my drive in to the office this AM. I didnt hear the beginning but he did make some interesting points (Some I agreed could make sense, others I didnt buy). Some of these include (disclaimer, i am paraphrasing these from what i heard, these are not direct quotes, If I can find a link, I will try to post it so you can hear it yourselves):

- First he basically confirmed that Sandusky did not testify because of his adopted son coming forward. He made it a point to say that a large portion of their defense was to have Sandusky tell his version of the story, and Matt coming forward undercut that entire process. He also said that he feels Sandusky was convicted because of the sheer number of charges that was brought.

- Amendola also noted he believed the motivation for 10 different people to lie was financial. He stated that Jerry and Dottie were still eating dinner with some of these victims as late as a year ago.

- When asked if Jerry felt any guilt toward the death of Joe Paterno, Amendola replied that Jerry felt very guilty that his actions had to put the university and joe through so much trouble.

- Amendola was asked if Sandusky would kill himself (?) and Amendola answered by discussing the earlier story of when Sandusky said he wanted to kill himself, and said basically that was taken out of context.

-And the one im sure will give us a nice dialogue throughout the day. Steve Phillips asked Amednola if he believes Joe Paterno and the University was negligent in its handling of the situiation. Amendola said if you look at the testimony of Dranov and McQueary's father, as well as what Schultz and Curley have stated, its that Mike McQueary only relayed that he saw Sandusky in the shower with a child. Given this information the University decided it was best to inform Sandusky to now longer shower with 2nd mile kids. He finished by saying, and I paraphrase, that he has a hard time believing that Mike McQueary told anyone of those people that he saw and/or heard sexual acts, and their response was only to prevent him from showering. It makes more logical sense that they were told he was in the shower with someone, and they told him to stop doing that, and that is what all their testimony corroborates.

Amendola then abruptly ended the interview and said he had another commitment. After he left, Evan Cohen said he wished he could have followed up on what Amendola meant by "financial motivation" I couldn't tell if he was serious or not.

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