Top PSU Plays of the Aughts: Non-2005 Edition

Greetings, fellow monsters, enablers, cultists and Kool-Aid guzzlers! I'm back with another edition of fun (remember fun??) with Penn State football. In our last episode, the readership of BSD named the legendary 2005 Ohio State game as the greatest PSU game of the 2000s by an overwhelming margin (72%).

This time around, we are staying with the most recent decade, but looking back at some of the Nittany Lions' most memorable plays. As the title suggests, I couldn't do justice to the "We're Back" campaign of '05 while also acknowledging the best of the rest. So, like the Marvel movie franchises, I am shamelessly setting myself up for a sequel. Also, I swear I was working up this concept prior to a similar theme appearing on the front page, but just to cover all my bases - I and others I know have had nothing but positive experiences with Samsung HD TVs.

For now though, join me for a walk down memory lane as we remember moments that took our breath away and brought us to our feet. Vote for your favorite, then share your fondest recollections and/or complain about the most glaring omissions. You aught not wait another minute, so get to it!

Videos start in the proper place, but you'll have to pause 'em yourself.

2000 - Rashard Being Rashard against Illinois: This remains one of the most impressive feats of pure athleticism I have seen in a Penn State game.

2001 - Zack Mills Scampers Toward 324: The moment this happened, you could just sense that something special was in the offing.

2002 - Richard Gardner Pick Six: I have only ever heard the Beav explode like it did during this play one other time (see above re: 2005 OSU).

2002 - 2K for LJ: Six points; 2,000 yards.

2006 - Tony Davis Outruns SEC Speed: With an assist from Sean Lee, it was Tony Davis who made the biggest play of a game (and post-game interview) that belonged to Tony Hunt.

2007 - D-Will Stuns the Irish: We all wanted to see something special that night, and D-Wheels didn't disappoint us.

2008 - D-Will Nukes the Zookers: You are looking live (via recording) at Brent Musberger underestimating Derrick's Wheels.

2008 - DC17 Fist Bump TD: How many fans who love Daryll Clark will always remember him in this pose?

2008 - The Fumble II: Not only did it break the Horseshoe Curse, but it also gifted us with this.

2009 - Clark to Moye for Six: Never did this combo link up for a score that felt as good when it happened or meant as much in retrospect.

Don't forget to vote, and please feel free to critique my choices or offer up ones I may have missed. No matter what, let's just enjoy a good conversation!

[P.S. I actually don't know if embedding these vids will considerably slow down the thread - if that's the case, please leave a comment to that effect, and I will switch them out for links that open in a new tab!]

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