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Last week I wrote a general post about Penn State's rank in getting players drafted, total games played and their approximate value in the NFL as a primer for more specific posts. It was not surprising that we ranked as an elite university in getting players to the NFL and their staying power(despite none of us view our university as a football factory). Today, I'm posting about the top RB* producing universities for the NFL.

*RB in this statement includes RB, FB, HB position listings in aggregate as according to Pro Football Reference from which all statistics where accumulated from.

In keeping with my last post, this one is fueled by some more fruity beef (of which I surprisingly avoided scorn), why? Because it's summer, it's hot in my room, and I don't have AC and somebody in another thread mentioned they had 20lbs. of blueberries and since I'm leaving NE I have been drinking as much NE produced beers as possible. So what does that mean? It means I started this post with Wachusett Blueberry. I say started because by the time I was 2/3 done with compiling all the data I ran out of beer and was too embarrassed to go back to the same liquor store and the second one I went to didn't have it. So now I'm drinking Wachusett Summer.

Now for the other fuel of this post my shucks...I was honest last time, I gotta be honest this might even say it's Ironic(wince). Please be gentle Der Kommissar because it's Good To Sea some Postcards from Italy and I'm sure tomorrow will be a Pure Morning. Despite losing credibility with someone (yes that comment actually hurt my feelings) I'm throwing it all out there for your entertainment value.

Look, I was torn on whether or not to post this but I know that I am getting fatigued with the other threads, and at times need a respite. I am hoping that others might feel the same way and this can be your oasis (please Don't Look Back in Anger).

My last post contained approximately 15 comments on football and 150 on drumz machine, Merle, and states with bad drivers. It was fun and clean except for when the filth of Ohio was brought up. (As an aside, more evidence that Ohio sucks is the movie Keyhole. When I watched it a few months ago it appeared on the opening credits that the movies was funded by @the@ Ohio State University. I know, I know, anything from @the@ Ohio State University is going to scuk but when I was there I told myself Psualum9931 (almost used my real name and forfeited my internet tough guy card) don't be such a drama queen, there's NO WAY a movie with Jason Patric and Isabella Rossellini could suck so bad...well I was wrong about that. Little did I know that a 90 minute movie would feature at least 20 minutes of full frontal nudity of a 70 year old man in chains. Believe you me when I say that the scene where he is whipping another character that the chains are not the only thing whirling about.)

Okay so what am I saying? Football topics good. Off topics, inappropriate topics or hilarious topics even better. not-so-Freehmageddon not allowed...good because Mr. Dolphin Says Hello.

Before compliling the data(and not including getting drunk), I thought that PSU would not fair well in this analysis. I knew that we had some old tyme backs that were superstars, but I recall mostly the perceived failures of the 90s and beyond.


I stated out with looking at every player drafted and that played the majority of his career from 1950 onward at the HB/FB/RB position. I then ordered them by university and deleted any school with less than 10 players. I did this for a number of reasons even if it meant eliminating quality backs because: 1. The more players drafted from that school, the more likely it is because they had solid college careers. B. It also implies that players from that school were successful in the NFL. III. This still left me with over 1500 players from 65 universities to draw data from. (When thinking of how to type this, I thought of how write 'how I did this' which made me think of "This is How we Do it" which lead me to the iTunes Store which lead me to a purchase.)


University Players Drafted Rank

Oklahoma 46 1

USC 43 t2

PSU 43 t2

OSU 43 t2

Nebraska 43 t2

Arizona St. 41 6

Notre Dame 40 7

Michigan 39 8

Florida 38 9

Miami 36 t10

Pittsburgh 24 t24

eVirginia Tech 18 t37

I supose it should not be surprising that we rank high in total number plyaers drafted from the running position but I didn't expect it. While the top 10 is filled with a lot of powerhouse universities, Arizona State's presence screams Let Me Put the Tip In. Of course I am now going to list the total weighted approximate value of those players for each university because it's Epic and we're all Falling to Pieces waiting for the list.

University Value Rank

USC 834 1

PSU 784 2

OSU 772 3

Miami 722 4

Notre Dame 638 5

Florida 628 6

Auburn 564 7

LSU 560 8

Georgia 556 9

Oklahoma 472 10

Pittsburgh 406 14

eVirginia Tech 64 59

I've provided Pitt and eliteVirginia Tech for entertainment value only.

What we see is that when we go from top 10 players drafted in the position to their adjusted approximate value that Nebraska, Arizona State, and Michigan drop out. Replacing them are Auburn, LSU and Georgia (fuckin' SEC speedzzz is realzzz). Yet again, PSU is ranked 2nd, I genuinely did not expect this given what I perceived to be our RB curse of late.

The next table is of the total adjusted value/total players drafted to provide an average value of players drafted (basically table 2 divided by table 1 above)

University Rate Value Rank

Oklahoma St. 23.88 1

Miami 20.06 2

Wyoming 19.70 3

USC 19.40 4

Kansas 18.72 5

Syracuse 18.63 6

PSU 18.23 7

LSU 18.06 8

OSU 17.95 9

Kansas St. 17.67 10

Pittsburgh 16.92 12

eVirginia Tech 3.56 63

Wow, this really mixes things up. Oklahoma St. jumps out ahead on adjusted value/player drafted thanks to Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders. While it might not be a shock to see the U up there, Wyoming? WYOMING?!?(I'd put an upside down exclamation point if I could.) How is that possible? Well, they just met the 10 player drafted cut off and 7 of the 10 players have provided value which leads to a high average even though their top player is Jim Kiick. Other surprises are the appearances of both Kansas schools because a low number of players drafted at the position but with a high success rate once drafted.


With the data presented we do have a greater claim to being RBU than I would have ever thought. Arguably this title belongs to USC along with Oklahoma State, Miami and Wyoming (gotta give props to a lesser school, No Diggity, no doubt). What say you guys?

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