Request for Spanier, Shultz, and Curley to stand up.

The Freeh report provides inklings and smoke tha lead to the conclusion that these folks covered up Jerry Sandusky' crimes to protect PSU football. But, the way I see it, the only conclusive evidence is a total lack of consideration for any of Jerry Sandusky's victims by Spanier, Shultz, Curley, or Paterno.

If there is any chance of turning this fiasco around, it rests in the possibility that Jerry Sandusky fooled everyone. That is not an impossible situation, but these three guys have got to stand up and be counted!

Firstly, I must admit that my personal interactions with Jerry Sandusky made me believe that he was one of the nicest guys in the world. I can't say that about Joe. But that is another story. He could be a prick if he wanted to be.

So, I start with the fact that Jerry Sandusky fooled me.

Next, it is amazing that they could find a judge for his case. If there are 200 judges in PA, my guess is that 195 of them had their picture taken with Jerry on a Golf Course for the Second Mile.

Next, the Second Mile had an operation in nearly every county in the state, and it is not unreasonable to state that the top thirty citizens in each county in the state are on the Board of the Second Mile. So it is not unreasonable to state that Jerry Sandusky fooled several hundreds of the best people our Commonwealth has to offer.

Next, Jerry Sandusky fooled Pennsylvania Child Services when he was allowed to adopt seven children. Who is to blame for that?

The 1998 incident was investigated by ALL OF THE AUTHORITIES THAT SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A LOOK AT THE SITUATION. The results were that Jerry was given a free pass. The accusations were found to be unfounded!

So, in 2001, here comes Mike telling Joe that he saw Jerry in the showers doing something that he thought was sexual in nature. Joe, Curley, Shultz, and Spanier already know about the 1998 accusations, and the resultant lack of evidence to bring charges.

Meanwhile, Joe has already 'retired' Jerry due to his Second Mile obligations. Joe is not protecting Sandusky from anything.

So, in 2001, one of the most prominent advocates of Youth in the frigging country, who has been hailed by the National Media for his public service, and who has previously been charged with similar actions, with the results that Child Services, the Police, and the District Attorney concluding that there was no crime, is now, again, reported to be in the showers with a boy, and accused of inappropriate behavior.

OK TEAM, what do you do? Reporting Jerry to Child Welfare Services would produce one of two results. Firstly, if these accusations were capable of being proven to be the truth, Jerry would hang, with a correlative black eye to PSU. Secondly, if these accusation were unproven, AS WAS THE CASE IN 1998, it would result in a fiasco that would have Jerry suing PSU for defamation of character.

I know the Freeh Report damns Joe, Tim, Shultz and Spanier. But I still have problems coming to that conclusion.

It is my personal experience that Joe Paterno and Tim Curley would be totally out of character protecting Jerry Sandusky to preserve the football program. It goes against everything I know about their character.

Regarding Joe's comments during the last year of his life, I think that there were many comments that seem to be total bullshit. But, I have a mother who is Joe's age, and she is not really running on all eight cylinders, and she is not dying of lung cancer. So, I totally am able to write off any of his comments during the last 12 months of his life. You can take this for what it's worth. But I have pointed out inconsistencies in his logic during his last 12 months, but, given his health and age, can write them off to demetia.

So, what are we left with?

It is time for Spanier, Shultz, and Curley to STAND UP AND ACT LIKE MEN.


Come on guys, grow a pair!

Respectfully Submitted, Joe From Boalsburg, Seargent at Arms.

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