Lawyers and dreamers wanted!

First of all, two preface statements:

1. I know this wont happen.

2. I know that many people, especially outside of the program, upon seeing this would immediately use it as an example that all we care about is football and not the kids; ignoring our basic human rights to actually care about multiple things simultaneously. A lot of money was, is, and will be donated to help prevent, fight against, and heal from pedophilia.....but enough about that.

Heres a question for you...and by you I especially mean the lawyers in our BSD community (but also everyone else):

Is an alumni (or group of alums) allowed to pay off the school debt of a graduated student? If the answer is yes, then I have a ridiculous scenario to propose:

A number of alumni form a group...lets call them, SuckItEmmert, with the sole purpose of paying off 10-20 PSU alums school debt at the end of each school year. Though I really dont know what average tuition is these days, and I am way too lazy to look it up, lets assume its $50k a year. This means that SuckItEmmert would have to raise up to $1,000,000 a year to fund the program (clearly well within many alums means).

Heres the ridiculous kicker.... the debt paid would be of graduated PSU football players who willingly chose to play for Penn State and not take a scholarship spot..... Now I know what youre thinking.... any agreement between a student athlete and an organization like this would be illegal. But there wouldnt be an agreement, merely an understanding. An understanding that the Penn State community is stronger than anything Emmert and his merry band of tards can throw at us. An understanding that what happened in our town was so very terrible, but that killing the football program isnt the correct response (or helping the healing process). And an understanding that when we say WE ARE PENN STATE, those words still mean something.

Again, I know it wont happen. But fan IS short for fanatic right?

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