Not necessarily a uniform change but something we should seriously consider

Tragedy and scandal are nothing new to sports and ours will probably go down as one of the biggest debacles in history. Judging by the other thread on the same subject, a lot of you are adamant about not changing the uniforms. Although I said this was the least of our problems, I thought of an idea last night that will show solidarity while at the same time bring the meaning of our football team to greater heights.

It's not really my idea of course. It's Liverpool F.C.'s. If any of you are soccer fans, you'll know what I'm talking about.


This is Liverpool's crest that is sewn into all their uniforms. The flames you see on both sides represent the 96 people who died in what is known as the Hillsborough Disaster. I won't go into the horrible details, just click the link.

But I think we should seriously consider doing something similar with our uniform, if not even have something like "You'll never walk alone" on it. Although "You'll never walk alone" has been on the unis before the tragedy, it has a whole other meaning with the fans after the event. Here they are singing the song:

Look, a lot of you who are going to reject this are going to say you don't want Penn State football becoming a reminder of sexual abuse of children. But the problem is we will be. And trying to ignore it , or desperately keeping our traditions intact, will only amplify our sorry situation into jokes and guffaws.

So if we're going to be a reminder of it, we might as well put a positive spin by becoming the symbol of awareness. If anything, Penn State football has the power to bring more awareness to the evils of child and sexual abuse where ever they go, something no politician, talk show, news programs, even charities, can expand upon because those heinous acts happened in our house with its aftermath under the national spotlight.

We are going to have to change. Instead of restoring traditions from the ashes, we're going to have to evolve into something new and better that will show the lynch mob at large that justice and awareness is infinitely better than condemnation and petty sanctions.

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