A Penn Stater Manifesto: "Mr. Erickson, Put Back That Wall"

The media and non-PSU general public have accused "PSU Diehards" of being delusional because they insist upon reserving judgment of Paterno and PSU Administrators at this time, waiting for due process to take its course. I have written this "manifesto" to try to document why I am waiting for more information. I can now link whomever to one file on the internet to see the entire Pro Penn State point of view. Sorry for the length.


This criminal, a master of deceit, is off the streets. There is no reason for haste in adjudicating the relative failures and faults of other parties' involvement, because no one else is at risk. Getting it right is much more important than getting it done now, so why is this happening?


Sandusky's crimes were the basis for a political power play that started with deliberate lies on the Sandusky Grand Jury Presentment. The Presentment specifically stated that Mike McQueary testified witnessing anal intercourse. The Presentment repeated the anal intercourse lie when describing McQueary's report to Curley and Shultz. Not only did McQueary never testify to this, Sandusky was actually found NOT GUILTY of this particular crime. (Quotes from Mikes GJ Testimony.....“I believed Jerry was sexually molesting him and having some sort of intercourse with him. " “I can’t sit here and say that I know 100% sure that there was intercourse.” “ I have never used the word anal or rape in this..since day one!”). Why did the Attorney General include two deliberate lies in the Presentment?

These lies were followed by the Chief of the PA State Police publicly accusing Paterno, Spanier, Curley and Shultz being morally culpable, even if they did not break the law! Why make this incendiary extra-legal pronouncement? With hindsight, it is obvious that somebody wanted to take advantage of the situation to create a lynch mob. At that time, the transcript of the GJ testimony was still secret.

I must admit that, at that time, I was one of those carrying torches and pitchforks. This was an abomination!


These lies and proclamations caused the world to stand up and howl, causing a panicky, unprepared PSU Board of Trustees, goaded on by Tom Corbett, to fire Paterno and Spanier, less than a week after the Presentment went public! The fact that the AG lied on the presentment only came to light months later, during the Sandusky Trial Process, when Grand Jury Testimony was exposed to the light of day, a fact now buried by the debris of this disaster piling up around Beaver Stadium and PSU. So why did the Attorney General Lie on a Grand Jury Presentment? Why did the Chief Cop point the finger at PSU and Paterno?


Why did Tom Corbett herd the PSU Board of Trustees into rash firings of top administration and athletic department people? PA Governor Tom Corbett was a political enemy of PSU President Graham Spanier. Spanier publicly campaigned for Corbett's opponent, Dan Onorato, in the gubernatorial campaign. Corbett, upon being elected, immediately tried to cut PSU appropriations by 57%. His fellow-Republicans joined Democrats in overturning this blatant display of prejudice and injustice in the PA budget. But Corbett, as governor, had another shot with the Sandusky deal. He had an automatic PSU Trusteeship, and in that capacity was a ringleader in blaming and then causing the firing of both Spanier and Paterno.

PSU Diehards could point to clear circumstantial evidence that Corbett conspired with his cronies to deliberately lie, and then take a bully pulpit, to extract revenge on a political enemy. There is much more evidence that this occurred compared with the contents of the Freeh Report convicting PSU, which we get to next.


PSU has been commended for spending $6.5 million to attempt to get to the bottom of the story, but the Freeh Report has limits, and flaws, that needed time to consider, digest, and value. The NCAA, PSU, and the public were not given the time it takes to fully vet the document. It took one business day for the NCAA to come down hard on PSU without consideration of vetting a document that has been shown to be incomplete to a fault, and misleading in key areas.

The Freeh Report failed to find a ‘smoking gun'. Yet, their conclusions are facts to most of the members in the media, who have not done their homework.

Freeh was hired because the BOT wanted to try to prevent another man from having the power that Joe Paterno had.. They could not fire or control him, so they wanted to make sure it would not happen again. This is an impossible situation. Paterno was a modest-living, heroic, bigger than life example of all that was good about college football, and if somebody else goes to any university in the country and does what Joe did, after 60 years he or she will be untouchable. What?Fire me? Go To Hell!...Sorry BOT that's life, not PSU procedures. Making up rules to prevent this from happening again in the future is self-delusional, at best, and bullcrap passing-the-buck at worst. Joe was what he was. Was he a man that would protect Sandusky for the football team's reputation? Maybe, but I would need to see or hear some hard testimony supporting that fact. It has not yet occurred.

Freeh Faulty Report History In June 2011 FIFA (World Soccer Federation) hired Louis Freeh's agency to gather evidence following allegations that Mohamed bin Hammam offered $40,000 bribes to voters during its presidential campaign. The result of the investigation was a lifetime ban on bin Hammam. On July 12, 2012, a European Court threw out the lifetime ban against bin Hammam, because the investigation carried out by Freeh's company was found to be faulty.

More recently, a contributing author of the Freeh Report has decried it's use by the NCAA to punish PSU, saying the document's primary purpose was supposed to be an instrument to assist PSU in developing new operating guidelines.

If Mr. Freeh's previous work has problems, and the folks who wrote it said the NCAA screwed up when they miss-used it, it is not delusional to think this report definitely is not proof that there was a 14 year conspiracy to protect a child molester.


NCAA President Mark Emmert is an opportunist who has, as a result of these events, acquired unprecedented power, with the Executive Committee capitulating to the President over due process requirements; "Due Process" according to NCAA's bylaws was tossed aside. In November, an NCAA Letter, normal procedure, made inquiries. It was PSU's responsibility to respond. The NCAA blackmailed the PSU administration, proclaimed the Freeh Report as PSU's response, and the next day crippled PSU's football program.

Sufficient time to review the Freeh Report prior to responding to the NCAA letter? Forget about it. This was Emmert's opportunity at a power grab, and he made it. The NCAA rushed out with sanctions with terrible effects on PSU, and it's football team, in a manner that set multiple undesirable precedents. And what was the essence of the Emmert pronouncements? A Big Lie is better than a lot of boring details (aka facts)! And the media loved it!

NCAA accusations that PSU Football was more important than Academics are absurd lies. PSU had been one of less than a handful of BCS institutions without a single NCAA violation. PSU has a decades-long ‘Public Ivy' reputation of being at the top of academic ratings. PSU will continue to include as part of its culture, a demanding academic environment. On the same day that Emmert was decrying PSU's Football Only Culture, the NCAA released statistics proclaiming PSU Football the #1 academic program in Division 1. Number two was not even close. Also, black and white rates were equivalent, which is a rarity.

Vicky Triponey, a key Paterno critic related to player discipline in the Freeh Report, was Emmert's old employee at UCONN. Triponey accused Paterno of protecting players, and eventually parted ways with PSU, with an axe to grind. Did Triponey's gripes, which were subsequently found to be petty, have any influence on Emmert?

PSU Diehards recognize Mark Emmert's unseemly rush to judgment as a power grab, using Penn State as a sacrifice. President Erickson and the PSU Board of Trustees capitulated again, this time giving Mark Emmert the tool he needed to put on a public show of newfound power and vigor in enforcement. Joe Paterno and Penn State are a perfect example of a situation where people are not interested in facts, because an outrage has been committed, and there is a good hanging needed to clear the collective conscience.

Time will tell. PSU Diehards are willing to wait for the entire drama to play out.


The only person who has expressed regret at not having done more in this scenario is Joe Paterno. Joe exercised his limited responsibility to report and had no further official authority in this matter. But, there is a long list of folks who are guilty of being more culpable in this matter than Joe, all of whom had more responsibility, more authority, and all of whom are still hiding in shameful silence.

PA Department of Public Welfare who allowed Sandusky to adopt seven times. What kind of investigation did they run on Sandusky? Who is now investigating the failure of the DPW? Tom Corbett and his administration do not seem interested in investigating his own operations. Maybe he should hire Freeh!

Psychologist Counselor John Seascock, the incompetent hired by the DPW, who, despite a Child Youth Services Psychologist's report identifying Sandusky as a probable pedophile, wrote a contradictory report in 1998 stating that Sandusky could not possibly be a pedophile. His report put an end to any chance to prosecute Sandusky in 1998. Failure to prosecute in 1998 probably produced a ‘What? This Again?" initial reaction in 2001. Does this guy still have a license to practice in this state?

The three Janitors, who in 2000 had a meeting and decided to not report what was clearly much more damning an encounter than what Mike McQueary observed. No sense bringing them to trial or even to public ridicule if the statute of limitations has been exceeded? These are grown men, not caricatures. They had the power to end it, and they decided not to because it was ‘too risky'. And they call McQueary a coward! These cowards could have had Sandusky jailed, right then and there! But Freeh blames Paterno for this?

Second Mile Officers and local Board Members (aka; Your Typical Gaggle of Local Upper-Class Twits) are the ones who supplied him with boys for decades, and did nothing to monitor his activities, even after the 1998 accusations. Where are the investigations into what people in this agency knew, and when they knew it? Can anyone doubt that there is more information to be had by a thorough look at this outfit's records? An interesting point is that Corbett reportedly received over $647,000 in campaign contributions from Second Mile Directors. The Second Mile remains unaccused in being complicit in this tragedy.

It is illogical to suspect that there may be a link between the money donated to Corbett and the lack of action against this agency and it's directors?

PSU Diehards look at these folks who remain blameless, protected by the Governor, and wonder about the lack of fairness and justice in this lynching of Joe Paterno and castration of Penn State without having the folks who are much more culpable even being investigated.


It does not take a $6.5 million study to draw the conclusion that Jerry Sandusky was a master of deceit, and that he managed to Fool The World. He was allowed to ADOPT seven children. He was pronounced unable to be a pedophile by a state-hired psychologist counselor. He founded the foremost beneficial organization for children in distress in the country. The list of people that were part of failing to uncover his guilt does not even come close to being limited to PSU top administration and the athletic department. A short list of Jerry's victims include: Six or seven hundred Second Mile Directors with pix of them and Jerry on a local golf course, Judges, Bankers, Attorneys, Business Leaders, Police, Pastors and Ministers, Child Welfare Agents, the Department of Public Welfare psychologist counselor, adoption agencies, his wife and family, and many of the people reading this rant.

Frankly, PSU Diehards find it remarkable that there was a Judge in the state who could preside at Sandusky's trial who was not associated with the Second Mile! They can honestly point to the list of people who Sandusky did not impress, a list of one....Joe Paterno, who fired him because he was spending too much time on his outside activities, and was ‘retired' in 1999. Sadly, Jerry fooled everyone.


AD Tim Curley, who has worked at PSU his entire career, and who was one of the most respected ADs in the country, and Shultz will have a full opportunity to talk about these matters after being acquitted at their trials for perjury. Is there any doubt that these politically-motivated accusations, which were legally weak at the outset, now appear to most likely lead to not-guilty verdicts? ( Mike has told one too many versions of his encounter to sustain a guilty verdict.) Is it too much to ask to wait to hear what these guys have to say?


Joe said some things during the last months of his life that raised eyebrows. (I personally criticized most, if not all, of the 2011 statements related to this matter uttered by Paterno.) With hindsight, it is now known that the 85-year-old man was dying of lung cancer. That process does not occur in 6 weeks. Anesthesia during hip-repair surgery at that age causes permanent brain damage to some degree, similar to symptoms of dementia. He was not contributing substantially, or making active decisions at games for the last two seasons. Criticisms of JoePa during this period should take these mitigating circumstances into consideration. My mom is Joe's age, had a knee operation, and has never been the same.

PSU critics say Joe lied about remembering certain facts about events a decade ago. PSU Diehards are willing to consider their hero's accomplishments and give him a pass on statements after his operation and especially during the last 6 to nine months of his life.


In the 14th century English philosopher William of Ockham proposed a theory that essentially says that the simplest explanation, the one with the least assumptions, is probably the truth. This theory, commonly known as Occam's Razor, has been used by Newton, Einstein, and Hawking to support their arguments. Now, PSU Diehards are asking you to apply the Razor to the question: ‘Which of the two following scenarios is closer to the truth as you know it?"

a. Gerry Sandusky Fooled Everyone, or

b. Joe Paterno enabled a Child Molester for 14 years.

Coining a phrase from convicted VP Spiro Agnew, " Nolo Contendere"

Try this vs. Tom Corbett not having a vendetta as well.


Penn Staters have developed a culture that is a great source of pride, based upon accomplishments founded on the principle of ‘Success with Honor', inspired by Joe Paterno and his football players, and permeating through every aspect of University Operations. Due in no small part to the inspiration of Joe's Grand Experiment, a Penn State degree is, relatively speaking, more valuable than most other universities in the country. The Wall Street Journal last year rated a PSU degree as the number one educational value in the country.

Even if things don't turn out the way that we think they will, whether the NCAA likes it or not:


Respectfully Submitted,

Joe from Boalsburg

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