Hello and Welcome Back, You Guys: Or, Hugs For Everyone

Something I've been noticing over the past few days, weeks, and months is that there are a LOT of new faces (well, accounts), and I just wanted to take the time to welcome all the new folks. Hopefully the scandal and its related fall out aren't the sole (or any) reason you made your way here, but welcome nonetheless. I know I speak for Mike and the rest of the staff when I say that we're very appreciative of anyone that reads our little slice of the tubes, and hopefully we can continue to bring you some good content.

Additionally, I wanted to take a moment and thank all the veteran commenters and readers. The past 9 months have been hard for everyone, and despite some flare-ups here and there, the community has been surprisingly civil. With this subject matter, there are always going to be hostilities, but I urge all of you to keep your heads up and represent yourselves as true Penn Staters, even if the person you're arguing/debating is also a true Penn Stater.

I would just like to say one thing about the coverage off the front page (READ: FanPosts and FanShots). We've tried our best to bring you the most complete coverage we can of the news when there is actually news to report. Adam has done a fantastic job with his articles, recaps, and national television appearances. However, there are obviously other issues out there that many people want to discuss. And while I certainly won't begrudge anyone for wanting to rationally discuss certain issues, we're starting to get a little close to too much. At press of this FanPost, eight of 12 FanPosts were devoted to Joe, Sandusky, or some tangentially related issue. Additionally, eight of 13 FanShots are in some way related to the scandal.

Again, I don't want to censor anyone, and I hope we can all find a proper venue for our opinions and debates. But let's see if we can't curtail some of these threads. There are a lot of duplicative comments and threads, so if you feel you want to get something off your chest, see if there isn't a FanPost or FanShot already set up that would be appropriate.

Welcome again, to all the new people, and welcome back to all of the great members of our community. As a way of saying thanks, we've crafted a little game, and whoever wins will get a prize. If you've been around since last year, this game will look familiar to you, but it goes like this.

Below are five embarassing admissions by staff members. The staff members who they belong to have been mixed up and placed at the bottom. The first person that can correctly match the five can claim their prize. If we don't have a winner by Sunday, well that's lame, since there are only 5! possibilities (did I do that correctly?).

Admission 1 - "I've seen *NSYNC in concert a dozen times."
Admission 2 - "I used to listen to Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" to get pumped up before basketball games in high school."
Admission 3 - "I genuinely enjoy watching The Golden Girls."
Admission 4 - "I own 3 Puff Daddy albums from throughout his various names."
Admission 5 - "An embarrassing admission is that the first thing I thought of was a penis joke."

Writers: Devon, Nick, Dan, Ben, Cari

Thanks again, and keep on trucking!

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