Where I'm At.

So based on the events that have transpired over the final few weeks, here's where I'm at and where I think we're headed. Feel free to agree, disagree or shoot me. I'm sick and it's a Monday.

The BoT meeting last night went pretty much how we all expected it would. They didn't actually ratify the sanctions or the Freeh Report, but that's only because they don't feel like they need to do anything on behalf of ratifying them (most likely due to it being an illegal vote and it not being worth the time to take action in accordance with the requisite policies).

So that leaves us back to where we were a week ago. There's still the Paterno family appeal and likely nothing will come of either the players' appeal or the movement started by McCombie. While basically we're back to where we started, this did prove one thing, which is that the BoT can hear us. They may not listen to the emails they're receiving and use them as the basis for decision, but at least they're hearing what the people they're supposed to represent have to say. Does that accomplish anything? Probably not, but at least it shows that the time and effort into raising your voice was not completely wasted.

So what's next? I propose patience. We're practically as ill-equipped now to wage a war of public opinion or with the NCAA as we were 2 weeks ago. We're not much more armed than the angry mobs we've ridiculed as acting hastily and on blind ignorance. I'm not ready to give up, but we're looking to move a mountain here. It's pretty difficult to move a mountain with nothing but torches and pitchforks.

So now we wait. We wait to see whether the Paterno family takes the NCAA to court. We wait to see what information they release, and we hold that information up to the same levels of scrutiny which we've held the Freeh Report up to. We wait for the perjury trials to get new information. Most importantly, we wait to allow the story to find its way out of the headlines. With the sanctions in place, most headlines have stopped being inflammatory and are returning to an objective middle ground. Without the hype and hysteria, they will be gone for good. Penn State will no longer be a front page story on ESPN or the New York Times. We can get back to following football instead of the scandal coverage. This whole ordeal will still be looming large, but it is why we must have patience.

And after the fatigue of never ending media coverage abates for a little, and we start discovering new information through the trials and through the Paterno family's actions, we do what we have asked others to do all along. We take that information and we find the truth of the matter. And armed with the truth, then we can stride to take whatever actions we see fit at the time.

Right now, if we were to continue this fight the way the last few weeks have gone, the people we are looking to reach will be too fatigued by the story to care. The best way to reach people will be to do so through the means of new information which will force them to challenge their preconceived notions. This needs to be done in a sudden, strong, and compelling manner after allowing the issue to disappear and leave people unprepared.

I'm not trying to make this out to be a battle plan for victory. I'm just trying to give some justification for why I think we need to stop counter-attacking. It's clear that right now, we have very few avenues that will bring us anywhere close to success. I'm not advocating that we accept defeat, as I fully intend to fight this injustice until compelling enough evidence is produced to make me feel otherwise. We need to consider the environment we're in as well is what is still to come. We've done pretty much all we could for the moment to try and make our voices heard and direct people to realize this wasn't merely a football issue and that while the sanctions levied against us were harsh, the true injustice was the means they were carried out and not the ends themselves. Like we have experienced many times throughout this ordeal, let's wait until a better opportunity to take action so that we have the best opportunity for success.

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