Success With Hyperlinking Is Trying To Keep Up, Failing Miserably...Oh, And FOOTBALL

Aug 6, 2012; University Park, PA, USA; Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Paul Jones (7) drops back to pass during practice at the Lasch Football Building practice fields. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-US PRESSWIRE

You Get an Untested Wide Receiver, And YOU Get an Untested Wide Receiver. A couple of articles out recently covering (no pun intended) the new set of Penn State wide receivers that will be trying to catch the Matt McGloin laser beams come September 1. First, with the departure of Justin Brown, Devon Smith, and Curtis Drake, Shawney Kersey will be expected to rise to the top and be the primary receiver (likely opposite Allen Robinson).

In the slot, State College's own Alex Kenney will look to make a name for himself in the slot, writes argyle-clad Ben Jones. Provided he doesn't have a problem tripping over his own feet and/or the grass, Kenney should be an improvement over the departed Smith.

Playbook? Well I Never... Since the days of Galen Hall and Jay Paterno are now officially behind us, and an improved offensive playcalling structure is expected, the quarterbacks at Penn State have been busy getting used to the new style. McGloin and Paul Jones, both of whom will see action this year in the Bill O'Brien offense, should complement each other well, with the Ginger Avenger being more of a game manager, something that the O'Brien Offense needs, while Jones stands 6'3" and weighs in at 258 pounds. Sorry, Minnesota fixin' to get trucked, again.

After the jump...sigh...Sandusky stuff. (Alleged) Truth seriously is stranger than fiction...

I Can't Even Bring Myself To Make A Mile High Joke. Seriously, Jer? I've never been one to wish harm on another person, but if this story is true, I truly hope the news makes its way to Rockview.

A man has come forward alleging he saw Jerry Sandusky and a prominent Penn State University donor sexually abusing two boys together aboard a private plane, it was claimed on Monday.

The FBI is reportedly taking the accusations 'seriously,' and has opened an investigation into a pedophile sex ring that could spread well beyond the former Penn State football coach.

Hey, At Least We're Consistent. The NCAA, in what has become a hotbed of material for a Seth Meyers/Amy Poehler "Really?!" segment, has stated that they do not have jurisdiction over a case where 1) NCAA athletes 2) took bogus courses 3) at a member institution, 4) courses which were admittedly (by the member institution) insisted upon said athletes.

In Scores of Other Games. So long, Honeybadger...For ALL the Guiness in Charleston...Penn State did pretty well in London.

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