Ironic Recruiting Opportunity......There is no bad publicity!

This is not about those who will remain nameless because they are no longer Nittany Lions. However, if one assumes that they were moving on in order to improve their chances at football exposure, improved tv coverage, or publicity for their namesake, they may have made the wrong move.

In an ironic twist of fate, their 'replacements' are likely to get more coverage and exposure at PSU than the ex-lions who bolted. If there is no such thing as bad publicity, then PSU will probably be getting tens of millions in exposure this fall.

Win or lose, PSU will get more coverage than any team in the country this year.

My guess is that this fall the Nittany Lions are in a position to garner more scrutiny and national coverage than USC, LSU, BAMA and Oklahoma combined.

EXHIBIT #1) The Top Story columns on ESPN.COM, SI.COM and other national sports websites. PSU has had two or three headlines in each of them for the last eight months.

EXHIBIT #2) I expected that trend to change as we got closer to real college football, but the opposite is occurring! There are enough sideshows involved with the uniforms, BOT, Curley/Schultz, Paterno, and Sandusky storylines to keep PSU in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

EXHIBIT #3) Saturday's ESPN's GAMEDAY first program of the season......the LEAD STORY was not predicting the number one team in the nation. They lead off spending seven minutes covering PSU, including the Sandusky story, Paterno and his statue, patronizing complements of BOB, and dire predictions for the team, for this year and years to come. Ubiquitous low-grade predictions for PSU will be scrutinized and discussed as a lead item, regardless of PSU's performance.

In the end, this may boost Penn State's ability to recruit new star players. Everyone is going to know everything about Penn State this fall. All PSU has to do to seal the deal is win. If PSU wins, they will be featured every week during the course of the season, as the surprise team of the year. This is true for this year and for each of the coming four years!

Meanwhile, McGloin, Mauti, Belton, Hodges, Hill, and Amos may become household words in college football homes this fall, if things progress in any way, shape, or form for the benefit of the Nittany Lions.

Hell, I might even remember the name of the PSU kicker!

Here we go Lions!

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