Karen Peetz is a LIAR and a FRAUD

On January 20th, Board of Trustees chairwoman Karen Peetz vowed, in a statement, to hold town hall meetings with alumni similar to what Rodney Erickson did last winter. Here are her words:

  • "Second, the board will increase our own transparency with the public as well as work with President Erickson to improve the entire University’s openness. President Erickson has already begun this process through town hall meetings with alumni. I and other members of the board will begin holding similar town hall meetings with students, faculty, and alumni later in the year. The more we learn, the more we can communicate our thoughts, the better."


To date, as we all know, this has not materialized.

Contrast that with the transcript of this morning's Board of Trustees public discussion, when Anthony Lubrano had an exchange with Peetz about when this would happen.

  • Lubrano: Are we still intending to do a Penn State engagement road show? Is that part of our plan? I heard you say that Karen and Rod will be going to New York and D.C., but are go going to actually engage the alumni. I am continually asked when we are going to start that tour because we promised it a long time ago?
  • Peetz: I don't recall us promising an alumni tour. I think we are committed to getting out and we have talked in the committee -- I know that Dr. Paul is going to be doing a session with Ben Clark's group up here in November. Stephanie will be at the Berks campus in November, so we will be getting out to some of the Commonwealth campuses and communicating, and that's something we could certainly take under advisement. I don't think we want to replicate the prior alumni show and so we haven't really talked to the alumni association about that. But Katie, as you know has been on our committee and I will engage her in that conversation.
  • Lubrano: I was looking at note before the meeting regarding the listening tour that was promised and I'm being asked virtually every day, and if you read the social media blogs, that's a question they are asking. In fact, somebody even has a satirical countdown from the day it was first promised so make I shouldn't have have to explain to them that they misunderstood what the listening tour meant.
  • Peetz: I would say Anthony, when I said listening tour, I wasn't thinking going out to the different groups of alumni. We have been doing multiple listening tours as was mentioned, faculty Senate, staff group, alumni, we have a council of kind of an informal group giving us feedback. So I don't necessarily think we thought it was a road show. Maybe it was misinterpreted and I think we should probably think further about what's the best way for us to engage.

Karen Peetz, once again, has misled the Penn State community. She is a liar, a fraud, and nothing less than her full resignation from the Board of Trustees is acceptable.

We need to leverage our strength in numbers and show that the Penn State community will not tolerate such an egregious breach of trust and stewardship of our great University.

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