The Paterno family NCAA Appeal

Might does not make right. Compromise that lends itself to lost morality and principle is self-defeating and degrading. Avoiding a confrontation for the expedient of survival or maintaining the status quo is, in the long term, more damaging and lingers longer than fighting for what you believe.

There have been many posts about the Sandusky scandal. And as time goes on, there will be many more. But I have noted many comments that indicate a desire for the whole thing to “go away”, or to indicate to others that if you don’t talk about it anymore it will eventually become something that can be ignored because it won’t be the first thing people think of whenever PSU is mentioned. And I see comments about ANY comments or statements released by the Paterno family that want those statements to end; that thinks they should be quiet and let the furor pass. IMHO not going to happen. So what should or will you do about it?

If I am the Paterno family I want my day in court. Joe was muzzled before his death, to the chagrin and dismay of ANYONE with any sense of justice. If you really care about knowing the whole story and the truth before judging or criticizing, then you have to want to hear want Joe could have added to our understanding. And frankly, if you are a PSU football fan, you would want Joe defending the program from the NCAA and their distorted view of “fairness”. Bottom line is, you want Joe to have a chance, not to clear his name, but to provide the full picture in HIS words; from his perspective. Believe him or not, agree with him or not, given the accusations and criticism and venom that have been directed at him, and by extension his family, you WANT your day in court. A HISTORY and RECORD of his attitude and actions and acts are ALL worthy of being defended.

If I am a PSU alumnus, I want the Paterno’s leading this challenge to the NCAA. The NCAA, “journalists”, bloggers, and the general public that has made crude, vulgar, unsubstantiated claims about PSU, etc, have pissed all over your university, your degree, your professors, and anything else to do with your university. They have declared ALL of you guilty by association. YOU ALL should have known about Sandusky. YOU ALL did NOTHING to stop him. YOU ALL have affiliation with a vile and evil place. BULLSHIT!

Might does not make right. Just as freedom is not free, when injustice is encountered you make the choice to either fight to be free, or to right the wrongs. Hoping the “bad” thing will go away if you ignore it long enough is not going to work. Not that it matters much, if at all, but IMHO it is time (and has been since the NCAA went insane AND postal) to fight. Appeals and lawsuits are the ONLY way to get people’s attention AND to change the dialogue. The NCAA offered a bitter pill, but hey, they said if you take it now, it will be less onerous than the alternative. BULLSHIT!!! It would be better for PSU to challenge the NCAA and stand up to their threats AND to face the death penalty than to accept what they offered.

This situation with Sandusky had NOTHING to do with the football team, or the football program. The blatant LIES told by Emmert in his statement are reason enough to say, never mind, we (euphemistically speaking) take back our acceptance of your proposed sanctions. You want to accuse PSU of being controlled by a football team/culture to the detriment of scholarship and STUDENT athletes? Bring it. You want to say that the football team is directly responsible for what happened with Sandusky? Bring it. Better yet: PROVE IT. And if you can’t or don’t then WE (PSU) will sue you and EVERY other institution that was part of deciding our “guilt” or responsibility.

You are PSU. And your graduation rate for football players over the last 40 years is one of the highest of ALL D1 schools that play football. You are a world class educational institution that is considered one of the finest RESEARCH universities in the US. You know your history. You know your accomplishments and you know your commitment to the mission of higher education at PSU.

You were one of the leaders in fighting segregation in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Try saying that in Louisiana, or Alabama or Mississippi, or Texas or a bunch of other states. You are one of the leaders, if not THE leader, in raising funds on campus by students to fight cancer. You know what it means to do what is right. You know what it means to take on unpopular and/or difficult challenges and it has been your history, with Joe as coach, to take a much more difficult approach to achieve success.

Remember your past and think of your future. Your past becomes devalued and denigrated if you accept the NCAA’s (bad bogus bullshit WRONG) actions; your future becomes less promising and by extension you become less appealing as a destination for the best and the brightest. As to your present, what message do you send to those studying at PSU today? That it is NOT worth fighting for? That it is ok to ignore something that you see is so obviously wrong and do nothing about it? That you can turn away from injustice without consequence? That it is OK to be painted and portrayed in this manner by the NCAA?

I can’t begin to feel your pain. I can’t begin to know what you are all feeling. Some of you may recall why I am a PSU fan, and those relationships give me some sense of the commitment you all have to your school. But your school is not my school. Thus my voice is probably not as credible as someone that is a PSU alum. You are supposedly the largest university alumni group extant. You work in corporations around the world. In this case, support the Paterno’s. NOT for Joe, but for YOUR university. Not for the football team, but for ALL of PSU and for finding out as much as possible so the FULL truth is known. Because as I have said and continue to say, this is NOT a PSU scandal. It is NOT a Joe Pa scandal. It IS a STATE OF PA scandal (because of the failed ’98 investigation). It IS a Governor Corbett scandal. It IS a Second Mile scandal. It IS an ADOPTION AGENCY scandal. It is, first and foremost, a Jerry Sandusky scandal. NOW, not later is the time to raise your voices and take action. CHANGE THE DIALOGUE!!

Good luck.

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