Can the fans file an appeal?

In the past week, we've seen the Paterno lawyer file an appeal. We've seen the ex-Navy Seal, new Board of Trustee member Ryan McCombie file an appeal. We've seen some players for the years 1998-2011, along with a former assistant coach file an appeal.

That is 3 appeals in 3 business days. Obviously, people are upset and don't feel that Penn State got a fair hearing.

My question is: can fans, alumni, people who believe in due process, and anyone else who wants to join in file an appeal?

It seems that the NCAA is getting appeals filed against it from the parties involved. How about an appeal from the local merchants? How about an appeal from anyone who does business with the University on gameday, ie Nike, Chesapeake Energy, Pepsi, AT&T, and any other company who sticks with us, after all, they are buying ad time with the understanding that there will be 110,000 strong in the stadium, but what happens out at year 4 when the scholarship reductions kick in, and perhaps Penn State cannot remain competitive.

The Penn State Alumni Assoc is the largest alumni assoc in the world. Where is there letter writing/email writing campaign? Have they decided to follow the Old Main lead and just accept it? Perhaps they sent it out, but I haven't seen it. We should be sending an email a day until the NCAA gets off their high horse and allows due process to occur.

I propose the following:

1. Send an email a day to the NCAA, and all of the presidents on the executive committee, perhaps an template on a website would help. is a good place to start.

2. Notify the NCAA that Penn State fans will not purchase any NCAA merchandise.

3. Notify the NCAA that their corporate sponsors will see a decrease in sales because Penn State fans will not purchase their products. The list is as follows: AT&T, Capital One, Coca-Cola, Buick, Enterprise, Infiniti, LG, Lowes, Northwestern Mutual, Planters, Reeses, Unilever, and UPS. Kind of a conflict there with AT&T and Hersheys.

4. One of our esteemed contributors who is also a lawyer could draft an on line petition that we could sign. Perhaps a web page that could track the number of people who are committed.

I am open to ideas on ways to make the NCAA realize that their hypocrisy, bullying, and holier than thou attitude will not stand. Perhaps hitting them in their wallet will open their eyes.

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